Janome Memory Craft 350E (MC350E)

Average Rating: 3.9 out of 5
Number of Reviews: 14
• Positve: 10
• Negative: 4
Rating: 5 Stars Tioligirl

I have used this machine for at least 5 years and it works like magic every time! I use all sorts of threads, the only ones that break are the metallics, but it might be because of thread quality… I also rarely change the needles, maybe once a year…. Just do not pay attention to it. Never had machine in for service, just clean the dust with the air-in-the-can occasionally. I have done, many, many towels, many, many jeans, some chiffons, many cashmere and fine merino sweaters. I only wish it would take larger designs! The designs now available are getting to be too large in terms of their dimensions as well as number of stitches and this machine has a limit…

Rating: 1 Star Libby

Since I got it, I am having problems downloading and saving my designs to a usb, when I put it in the janome it wont or cant read it. I am so frustrated it with.

Rating: 5 Stars Lora

Registration on towels. I fount if I used 2-3 layers of water soluble on the top of the towel that alleviates the registration. Make sure Rowell isn’t getting hung up anywhere while stitching. After 5 years I am reading mine in on a 12000. Hate to get rid of it. Had lots of fun with it

Rating: 2 Stars Heather

I have had my machine for 2 years now. I keep getting more and more frustrated. I feel like it’s ate up/destroyed more projects than it’s completed.

First It had a spur which caused the threads to continuously break. Got this fixed under warranty for free.

Then it started skipping stitches. I took it into the store I bought it from. They ran a few test and it did the same thing. They told me this was “normal.” However, I did not pay this money for stitches to be skipped and designs to be ruined.

Contacted customer service, did all the trouble shooting offered. Changed needled, threads, used various stabilizers. Nothing works! I’m ready to sell it and be done!

Rating: 5 Stars marilyn

My husband just purchased a MC Janome 350 E for Christmas … I am reading up on it ..I hope I have no problems when I use my machine after Christmas .. I hope the machine is what I am looking for …Kind of nervous after reading a few Reviews … I have two other jaomne sewing machines and have been very happy whit them… Praying all will go right with this achine ..

Rating: 3 Stars LizH

I’ve been using my new 350E for several months now. So far, I am mostly impressed. The stitching is perfect. I’ve rarely had to change the tension, and I have stitched on all sorts of fabrics. And, I’m even having luck using an old fashioned thread stand, with an iron base, so that I can buy the larger spools of thread. There is absolutely no stitch quality difference between the small spools on the horizontal thread holder, or the separate thread stand. Also, I use either Sulky or Madeira threads and get equally good results.

My only disappointment with the machine is the LED screen. At first, the screen kept fading to very light, and I was constantly having to reset it. The machine is under warranty, so my dealer replaced it with a new LED screen. The problem is better, but it still fades out. However, because the tones are darker, it is still readable even after fading a little.

I haven’t read of others having this issue. But, since I have had the same problem with two different screens, my assumption is that the LED screen for the 350E is inherently unstable. And, I think this is a big issue that is probably going to cost me a lot of money in the future, once my warranty expires. Hence the reason for a three star rating. Otherwise, I would have given it five stars.

Rating: 5 Stars Jenn

I love this machine, a few months ago I was having problems with the large spools of thread as when the thread was coming off they became very loose and would tangle around the bottom, get stuck, break the needle and on one occasion the foot, but the larger threads are more economic, so my hubby made two thread guides that attach on to the horizontal holder the first taller made out of the white wire you get from a spiral notepad and I also put on a spool net, now the machine is amazing, I no longer have to sit there guiding the thread (which was annoying as this was the reason I bought two seperate machines, while the 350 is doing its magic, I can carry on sewing) the stich quality is perfect, it’s super quiet and knocks spots of its other competitors, it’s so easy to get new designs from the net, and so easy to transfer them over to JEF if they only come in PES with free software on the net, a few months ago I was thinking of buying an all in one and now I’m so pleased I didn’t I just trading in my sewing machine and got a longer arm one which is what I wanted as I do alot of patchwork and quilting, my old sewing machine was brilliant (brother innov-is 350SE) but my new machine has a 10″ long arm, (husqvarna sapphire 875Q) and does more so I’m now a super happy bunny as after reading so many bad reviews on all in one machines I know Ive done the right thing.
The Janome memory craft 350E is awesome, love it.

Rating: 4 Stars Min

Well I take it all back. Following reading on this website and taking on board all the information my husband and I (gosh don’t I sound POSH) got to work and hopefully have fixed the problems with the tension.
1 I only use the thread from the vertical position and my husband has made an eyelet to put the thread through so it doesn’t get caught underneath the thread holder and distort the tension
2 now have used Jenome bobbin thread
3 used correct bobbin - forgot about that one
4 Used the jenome software -Customiser to put designs on my card.
The difference so far is amazing, The eyelet needs a bit of work but at least I am making progress. Machine embroidery is not easy and I am starting to realise the cost of the machine is immaterial its getting to grips with its correct use thats important. They cannot be compared with an ordinary sewing machine thats for sure. Thank you all for your great tips they have been of so much help.

Rating: 2 Stars Min

lots of problems with the tension and threads getting caught up and snapping. Stitches out quite poorly at times distorted edges. Its driving me to distraction.

Rating: 5 Stars Tracy

I purchased this machine on Amazon I was a bit nervous at first but what a delight. Everything I read about it is quite spot on correct. My kids love their new clothes but my husband is a bit put off by the ever changing pillow cases, cushion covers etc etc. Oh well :)

Rating: 5 Stars Magistra

I’m still learning my Janome 350E, but I really like it so far. I bought it because I have an older Janome machine and have had such good service from it. I like that I can use either machine to thread bobbins.

Rating: 2 Stars Nancy

I have a lot of registration errors, especially when embroidering on heavy items such as bath towels and denim shirts. Receintly did two hand towels. First one perfect the second with registration errors.

Rating: 5 Stars rakel

This is an embroidery-only machine. I have a Janome sewing machine that’s been very reliable for years hence my decision to purchase a Janome for my embroidery needs. The ability to edit embroidery designs on-screen is a big plus. I can resize, rotate, flip the design as I please. I like being able to use my USB thumb drive that is not available on older machines.

Rating: 5 Stars Adaira

I love this machine and so does my daughter who I taught to machine embroider recently. At first I was going to for the Memory Craft 300E model, but after much arguing with myself I finally decided with the 350E.

I like the fact that this machine automatically cuts the thread when the color changes and warns me when the bobbin thread is almost finished. This is my first embroidery machine and I’m very pleased with it so far.