Janome Memory Craft 10001 (MC10001)

Average Rating: 4.0 out of 5
Number of Reviews: 8
• Positve: 6
• Negative: 2
Rating: 3 Stars Barbara

Help……..I have just bought a secondhand machine and I need to connect to my laptop but I don’y have the usb driver, I have searched on the internet and can’t find one, does anyone know what I can do or can they send me a link? would really appreciate your help.
Many thanks in advance.

Rating: 5 Stars Connie

I have this machine and love it! I upgraded from the MC5700 to this machine. I have made many projects and now my first quilt. The forums are great for answering questions about the machine. This machine is easy to transfer designs and with the online embroidery sites the projects are endless. I love the Easy Edit screen for setting up my embroidery designs plus the many beautiful built in sewing designs! Can’t say enough good things about this machine.

Rating: 5 Stars Marie

I just love this machine. I have had many machine’s in my life but this is the best.
It does seem intimidating at first, but watching the supplied DVD helps one get started and the rest is easy to learn from the manuel.
I have had my MC1001 quite a few years now and never had a problem.
I intend to buy the new 12000 in October 2011 when it will be released and giving my giving my MC1001 to a good friend who has been green with envy, for she could never afford one of her own. I only hope the performance is as good.

Rating: 5 Stars tlc

I’ve have done hundreds if not thousands of projects on this machine (embroidery, sewing, quilting). It is the best machine I have ever had.
I’ve embroidered over a hundred bat bags. More than 20 robes. It is a work horse and I am good about getting a tune up/clean up about every 18-24 months.

Rating: 2 Stars Kathy

In the sewing mode it sqeaks unless I sew like grandma molasses. I also have problems with uneven stitches. The tension has to constantly be adjusted. When I begin each design I must adjust the tension for designs to 1.6 or the bobbin thread pulls to the top. If the design has lettering in it, the tension has to be reduced between .6 & .8 or again the bobbin thread pulls to the top. Even the built in fonts have to be adjusted. Very poor stitch quality and the local dealers are not qualified to do quality work on these machines. I absolutely LOVED my MC5700.

I almost forgot, my touch screen is possessed. Sometimes when you turn it on it is so bright you cannot read the screen, so you have to adjust it darker. You can turn it off and then turn it on later and the screen is so dark you need to adjust it lighter. Sometimes while sewing the brightness will self adjust and the light above the needle goes out after it gets warm. It could be a short, but I still think the thing is possessed.

Rating: 2 Stars volcane

Machine seems to run out of steam when embroidering and leaves a lot of un-even stitches which have to be unpicked and done again.

Rating: 5 Stars MerylGrandmaOf4

Very good machine. Very easy to use. I also upgraded my MC10000 to this model. It is a sewing and embroidery machine combination which is just right for me since I do not have a lot of space in my sewing room. This machine has a lot of features that may intimidate embroidery beginners, but it does come with a great manual and it is very intuitive to use.

Rating: 5 Stars Jae

I’ve had my Memory Craft 10000 for a few years and had no problems with it other than issues that were my fault since it was my first embroidering machine. I’m upgraded to the 10001 and everything is great. I like the ease of use, the machine is reliable and the stitches turn out great. Go Janome!