Janome Memory Craft 11000 (MC11000)

Average Rating: 3.1 out of 5
Number of Reviews: 118
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• Negative: 49
Rating: 1 Star Kdrews

Bobbin jumping; I replace the bobbin case, only use Janome bobbins and needles, put new needle on, oil the wick and still it will jump and jam the machine. I can no longer sew projects without it happening. Needle damages bobbin case every time. Like most of the reviews, I am disappointed this issue has no true fix. Will not replace this machine with another Janome. Does no good sitting here but how do you sell something that doesn’t work well.

Rating: 1 Star Pen

Piece of Junk.

Rating: 3 Stars judy

I’ve had my Janome 11000 SE for five or so years and it has worked well up until about 3 weeks ago whe it has decided not to transfer designs from computer to the machine. i have talked to everyone i know to talk to about this and no one has any idea why this is happening. Please if anyone can help let me know

Rating: 5 Stars phill

I hate my Janome memory craft 11000. I can’t get it to embo ridery patterns .If I could afford it I would trade it in for a Viking sewing machine

Rating: 2 Stars Meg

I On my way! A 10000 which I love. Then I got the 11000 which is not nearly as good. Count on at least 3 or 4 bobbin cases a year. I have a great dealer but I do not like this machine. I have contacted Janome but their advice is to take it to my dealer along with all the kinds of thread and needles I use. Really? I also have used Juki, Viking, White and Kenmore and never had a problem like the. As others have said the bobbin case lifts up and then it is damaged. No apparent cause. I have been watching it when it does this. Not sure what I will replace it with but I will have to do that.

Rating: 1 Star Marciia

Firstly although I have had it sometime never really used it. I use my Brother Innovis 1 because it is so more user friendly and mostly trouble free but while in for service I used the Janome 11000. Firstly I could not transfer designs over 5×6 using the pc tool icon provided or by copy and paste Janome could not understand why Then the real problem begins. The bobbin thread constantly jammed the fabric in the hoop which was silk Dupion and ruined it. It also broke the needles A complete disaster and a costly exercise re the stabiliser the thread the fabric and the time. Also I don’t have the software so cannot get the ready built designs out of the machine a very poor performance and a costly machine

Rating: 3 Stars DianaS

Is there a file size limitation the Janome 11000SE can load? I am trying to load a .jef file of 75kB and of around 37k to 41k stitches.

Rating: 1 Star Lucy

Janome MC11000, machine was given to me as a gift and it has been in the shop more than it has been at home. The bobbin case spins and jumps out of position.I bought a new bobbin case, and I am using Janome bobbins, as well as bobbin thread. When embroidering I keep getting a false error reading telling me the thread is cut and I need to rethread the machine. I just hit the start button and it sews a little bit and then does the same thing. Am totally frustrated with this machine and would not recommend.

Rating: 1 Star Smithd823

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Rating: 1 Star Mdrxoxo

So thrilled to buy this machine (demo buy) in late 2009 and then in 2016 I’m told it needs a new board!! Are you kidding me?! There have always been issues with stitches, rethreading, bobbin, etc. I initially thought it was user inexperience with computerized functions. I’ve now realized many of you are having or have had these issues too. I HATE that I spent that much money for crap! I have been debating as others have whether to invest in fixing or get another Janome and thanks to all who have shared their info I think I’ll try to find a Brother this time. Thank you all for your reviews. Sadly, I cannot give this machine more than one star… it works like a $400 machine in an $8000 dollar disguise …..HUGE SIGH!!!!

Rating: 2 Stars Randma

I have a “love/hate” relationship with this machine. When it works, producing great embroidered designs, I love it. When it breaks down, as it has done at least once a year during the 6 years I’ve owned it, I hate it.

Thank you to all who posted about the bobbin issues. That was my first set of problems. However, my dealer didn’t blame me.

The bobbin problems recurred for 4 years. This tied in with needle tension issues, resulting in “loopy” embroidery threads when I’d create designs.

There have also been problems with the foot pedal connection not working for regular sewing (twice now).

Last year, the embroidery hoop arm would not swing into place when the lever was pressed. The lever would not go completely down.

Finally, a few weeks ago, when I’d turn the machine on, a message would appear, “Raise and lower needle bar and presser foot”. When I’d do that, the first 4-5 times, the embroidery arm attachment (in place) would shake and make a loud rattling noise. Later, it quit shaking when I’d do that but the machine never allowed me to begin any sewing.

Hence, it is in the shop… and I’m wondering if I want to spend more money… $600 this time instead of the usual $200… to get it fixed.

A couple of years ago, I asked the dealer/repairman when I had the machine in the shop if these frequent repairs were normal for Janomes. He shook his head and said, “No, you’re special.”

From what I see here, I am not so “special”. :) Maybe its repair record is not bad enough to be called a lemon such that it can be replaced.

Whatever is the case, I am left without a machine, during the highest personal demand time. Christmas is less than a month from now and I am not able to make any of the projects I’d planned for family and friends. :(

Rating: 5 Stars Gina

I started off with a MC 8000 and still have 9000, 1001 and 11000 and never had trouble with any of them. I’ve always kept the bobbin case free of lint and change the needle fairly regularly. Only ever been to the Technician for service. Have done a lot of embroidery as well as patchwork etc and have kept updating because of the larger hoop. Love the MC 1100 and wouldn’t buy any other brand.

Rating: 2 Stars Alan

I have been a sewing machine for 32 years.I have had many hours of training in classes and hands on.Janome has always been a fav.Then the 1100 came out and Wham..bottom of the list..As for working for a dealer,we should get good tech support .Janome has the worst of any brand on the market.After hours waiting on the phone for the top guy,he will listen and then tell you to replace A board.NO actual help in the problem.They like to make you feel like a Dummy.
As far as dealer support,Brother/Baby lock is top of the game.( They both are made in the same factory).Bernina is ok but they have to call you back after they look up the problem.Singer is gone,They were bought out by Happy in China.There embroidery machines are made by Juki.All in all for the money you spend,Brother from a dealer is best spent in my book.(not from Walmart).Thanks for the rant,back to work now.

Rating: 5 Stars The Quilting Penn

I’ve owned this machine since 2009. I am an avid quilter and I love my MC11000.
Anything that has happened to it has been my fault. Tension was my enemy until I figured out the issue of the ’snap’ in the first thread guide. I put a permanent label up there “SNAP”.
Every embroidery project has turned out lovely. I have never had a problem with loading designs, but my flash drives are all 16 and 32G so I must have just been lucky from the start to use large the capacity drives. I love the Janome EasyDesign & EasyEdit. Only once did I ruin an embroidery but it was the ’snap’ thing again. Re-threading fixed that and I started over. - that was the day I put the label on.

I use all types of thread with no issues when following the manufacturer tension instructions.
Embroidery: (Madeira, Gutermann and Superior).
Everything Else: Superior only (Conductive , cotton, fusible, metallic, polyester, silk, water soluble, Glow in the Dark)
I may have happened to get one of the good machines and had Great service people, but I haven’t wanted to change since I bought it. Since I use it daily for my business, I miss it terribly when it goes in for it’s every 6-month regular service.

Rating: 2 Stars Betty b

So frustrated. Bobbin issues…..6 replacements so far. So costly. Wish someone could give me answers. I own the special edition model

Rating: 5 Stars Debra

I sew and embroider on this machine daily. I love it.I did have some issues with a flash drive and then learned that you must not use larger than a 2meg flash drive and it must be formatted in the machine first or it will not read it. I bough the customizerto open designs and now I can transfer designs with ease.

Rating: 5 Stars Jim in Virginia

I love this machine. It reads patterns on flash drives, and embroiders very well. I have completed approx. 95 to 97 projects with it over the last four years. I also have a Model 7700 and a Model 1360. I love all of them. I take the 1360 to classes that don’t involve embroidery. Janome made a mistake with the 12000 and lost a lot of sales. Even the 15000 has had trouble getting started with sales because of past problems with the 12000. They shouldn’t have put the 12000 on the market without all that stuff that we are used to having on the 11000. I waited to see what the users would think of the 12000 and I’m glad I didn’t get one. I’m happy with my MC 11000 SE.

Rating: 1 Star Anonymous

I hate hate hate this machine! Hate!! I bought it thinking I cld replace my 9500 & 9700 but nooooo I’ve have to keep the 9700 to embroidery with because the 11k is absolutely a nightmare to try embroidery with and it can’t read an ATA card or flash drive!! Most worthless machine and an incredible waste of money! Wish Janome had it back! Back I purchased this machine from an individual my local sewing machine center in ft. Smith will no longer service my machine or help me with the problems that arise from this machine so I’m really in a fix! Finding answers without service or tech back up is even harder. I drive back to Dallas to Sew a Stitch and got a few answers. Which only confirmed I should of bought a Brother!!

Rating: 4 Stars Nola

I also have had a problem with my bobbin jamming while I am embroidering now my needle will not go up and down I have to wait until next week to take it to my machnic to get it fixed

Rating: 2 Stars Robin

I Purchased this machine just over 12 months ago.
The tension has been jumping out of tension disc. Also bobbin winder didnt work. Have had it into repairer, now when I am sewing a design it jumps in the hoop and wrecks the design. Mechanic said turn machine off and leave it off for 3 minutes. By then the damage is already done to the article. Does any one have this problem?

Rating: 4 Stars Dollybee

I have owned my MC11000 for a little over 5 years. I bought it as “gently used” at a dealer in NYS. One of her employees had bought it to start an embroidery business and then traded it in on a stand-alone embroidery machine. I have never had a problem with the bobbin or with thread jams and it sews extremely well. I have had some problems loading embroidery designs though. I did take it to the dealer because I was not able to load designs from a flashdrive. I was told that I should keep only a few designs on the flashdrive because if the size of the files is too large, it will lock up. Now I would like to link my PC directly to the MC11000 but the PC tab does not appear on the screen. I am probably doing something wrong but have no idea what that may be. The documentation provided in the manual and on the worktools DVD is not detailed enough to troubleshoot user errors and the local dealer where I live now in FL has not proven to be very helpful. I feel like he is just guessing when I discuss the problems with him. Does anyone know of a dealer who responds to phone consultations regarding tech problems?

Rating: 2 Stars sue

I have had most of the problems mentioned. the only problem i have not had is that the dealer has not blamed me. I Just got it home from the dealer and started a new project. I sewed on it one day and am already having problems. I am so frustrated right now i don’t know what to do. I probably will not buy another janome.

Rating: 1 Star Karen

I have owned other Janomes and loved them. Not this one. All of the tension woes and continuous tangles deacribed by others has happened to me. I have been repeatedly blamed as well for improper threading. My next machine will not be a Janome.

Rating: 3 Stars June

I have had the 8,000, & 9,000 and loved them. I’m about the buy the 11,000 from my dealer. but with all the negative reviews I am having 2nd thoughts. I really need the technical ease that it has because my computer will not take my old designs that were put on CD’s from an embroidery company. My 9,000 works like a charm, with thick or thin fabric.

Rating: 5 Stars GrannyJan18

I love this machine! I bought the MC11000 used (on ebay) approximately 5 years ago. I have used it extensively–both for regular sewing and for embroidery. I embroidered names on my grandson’s football team’s jerseys — the entire team, both practice and game jersesy. I had minor problems with the tension which I was able to resolve on my own - improper threading, placement of bobbin, dull needle, etc. And then it failed - epically! It has now been out of commission for almost 3 months. The tension unit blew and the part is on terminal backorder . I love this machine. I am hoping and praying that I can get it fixed, as I do not have the money to replace it.

Rating: 2 Stars Trisha

Hi Ladies,
I purchased one of these 11000se 18months ago.
I have had all the problems that you all mention.
Each time I take it back, it’s my fault. Not threading it properly, not using Janome thread, both bobbin and main thread. My dealer recommended Brother embroidery bobbin thread, Even if I use janome, it jams loops underneath, an absolute nightmare.
My guarantee is up in September, has anyone any idea what to do with it?? Yes, I have thought about implosion but can’t work out how to do it.
Double check your threading, this is something I am told I am not doing right.!!!!! I have to stand up to thread it anyway, what next.
Any suggestion would be welcome.

Rating: 1 Star Mary Anne

The dealer replaced my first MC11,000 because of bobbin case issues. The machine had been in for repairs 6 times and was never fixed. I was told by the dealer, Janome had a bunch of defective 11,000 machines. Used primarily for embroidery, the machine would pull the bobbin case out of position and the needle would damage the bobbin case! Also notorious for the thread jumping out of the take up arm. The replacement machine embroidered fine for a few months, now I’m having the same problems with the replacement MC11,000! I’m an experienced seamstress and have 2 Janome 10,000 which sew great. What a piece of crap-definitely design issues. I’m considering putting it behind my car and backing over it! I think I could collect on my insurance! Think I’m kidding?????

Rating: 3 Stars Cheryl

I was reading through the reviews this morning and I must say that I, too, have had a lot of these problems. Just after buying mine it wasn’t working…the embroidery was a mess (snagging, looping, skipping stiches you name it)… it came to the point where I actually wondered if it was really true that people were creating the designs it said it could..After trying this and that (even bought original janome thread thinking that was the problem).I stopped using it for embroidery for a year or two…I finally now had it working very well and the embroidery was amazing…It is a finicky machine- I needed to use only the Janome red tipped embroidery needle (even though others were for embroidery)… I can only use certain types of bobbin thread (even Madeira bobbin thread which I have thousands of meters of won’t work)… Janome bobbin thread works and so does a silky fine kind I bought off e-bay. I had trouble loading files off a usb until I learned that I needed to put the design in a file within a file as mentioned about in one of the comments…I’ve too had problems with the needle threader… it was telling me to lift the presser foot when it was already raised… we went back and forth to the dealer to get fixed where, of course it always worked and as soon as I brought it home it did not.. .finally got them to see that it wasn’t working and they fixed it…Now this morning it has ruined a quilt cover I was putting some embroidery on… it’s like the center has shifted to the left and it wants to embroidery outside the hoop-luckily I caught it in time and stopped it before the needle hit the hoop. Anyone know of anything I can do or does it need to go in for repairs again? When the machine works I Love it, when it doesn’t I just want to throw it out the window. Any My machine has never warned me that my bobbin thread was about to run out and its supposed to…Often I’ll go back to the project and its been sewing for ages with no bobbin thread in it and I’ll have to retrace the pattern back to where it had run out. I had traded in my Brother for this machine thinking for that price (demo- $7500) it would be a wonderful machine to sew with. Have often wondered if I should have kept it… Now I want a second machine and am seriously wondering if I dare buy another Janome.

Rating: 1 Star Donna

Bought an 11000 SE used from a lady who hardly used it ( mother was ill and dying) and was upgrading to a 12000 with inheritance money. Sat next to her in a class, so I listened to the story and she didn’t know I was a buyer.. Dealer, very nice and responsible, corroborated the story. Only one hitch- because of the dying mother care load, she never embroidered with the machine.
Virtually a new machine, I bought it.
I have owned it for 5 months; it has been to the factory TWICE (gone a month each time), eats bobbin cases every other week (that is an inexcusable design flaw in my book) and makes jams that are very time consuming to undo.
The dealer is a saint and in there every step of the way, but this weekly trip to get it repaired is old.
In good conscience I can’t even sell this lemon. Without my old reliable 25 year old Bernina, which it was supposed to replace, I would have had no machine at all. As an avid sewer of 50 years, that would have been unacceptable.
I have a $300 Brother embroidery machine which performs every time with no problem whatsoever.

There is something really wrong with this machine that no one can diagnose. This is not a reliable sewing machine.

Rating: 2 Stars Peggy

I was so excited to receive my janome 11000 on my birthday about 4 years ago. My first Janome was a New Home (before Janome took over) which is about 20 years old. It works as good as ever and I have never had any issues with it. so when I got my 11000 I just knew it would be the same quality of a machine. Wrong. I have been so disappointed in it’s performance. I have had a lot of trouble with the feed dog catching the fabric as I start to sew and chewing it to pieces. It has cost me a lot of time and money. I have had it in the shop for repairs on just the feed dog twice already. I don’t think the repairman knows what to do with it.
first he replaced the plate that covers over the feed dog explaining that the plate had a lot of gashes and that could snag the fabric and cause the feed dog to malfunction. That was a $50.00 part and it still did not work right. I am also very discusted with the quilting foot because when I use the guide bar that you snap into the foot, the foot housing being mainly plastic means that the prongs I snap the guide bar into break. I have bought two additional quilting feet and as careful as I am they still break. The store owner I bought the maching from tells me he has gotten a lot of complaints from customers about this problem and has talked to Janome about it, but nothing is being done by Janome to address this. I bought the machine for quilting and now I can’t use it the way I need to because of the poor quality of the quilting foot. The other problem I have with it is when I try to bring up an embroidery pattern the machine keeps taking me back to the screen that indicates there is nothing on the usb. I have talked to the store owner who sold the machine to me and he gave me step by step instructions on how to save the patterns on the usb, etc. Well, the machine still will not recognize that there is anything on the usb. I realize operator error and operator knowledge has a lot to do with it but I use to be able to pull up the embroidery patterns before I had this problem, so I don’t think it is me.
I am so disillusioned with this product. Buyers, be cautious about the Janome brand. It seems the quality of their products has diminished over the years.

Rating: 5 Stars VL

I had my MC11000 for 7 years recently upgrading to the 12k. While I LOVED my 11k I did have my share of bobbin case issues and repair trips. I owned at least a dozen bobbin cases in various conditions, pierced, cracked or scored. Many had been smoothed out and could be used if needed. After several different repairmen had been tried I finally found a GREAT one about an hour away. With a phone call before appearing in his shop, I can usually take it in and get it looked at while I wait! And while I watch. The bobbin issue IS mostly a user problem. Getting the thread to ’snap’ into those first to spots (the plastic guide and then the take up arm) completely is CRITICAL. If that does not help, the little silver ‘C’ clamp on top of the bobbin case may need an adjustment. With these two things attended to I very rarely had any problem and if I did it was the thread not being properly seated by me. Amazingly enough, with the various bobbin cases I pierced and locked in the machine, no damage was sustained by the machine other than the case and the needle! Talk about well built! Anyway, loved my 11k and am looking forward to the same on the 12k. Why did I trade in my 11? Wanted the large bed for FMQ which I like to do and the 9mm width for decorative stitches which has already proved great.

Rating: 1 Star Laurel

Worst money I’ve ever spent - this machine was a heartbreak from day one.

Rating: 2 Stars eve

i have the mc1100 for approx 18 months after spending approx $800.00 to $1000.00 on it in repairs the embroidery thread keeps shrewing & breaking about ready to through the machine out the door, not worth the money I spend on it.

Rating: 2 Stars phyllis from arkansas


Rating: 2 Stars Lorna Beecroft

I have a two year old 11000 and a one year old 11000SE. I absolutely love these machines functionality and ease of use. However, the problem is both of them blew motherboards about six months ago within a couple of weeks of each other. I had them fixed under begrudging warranty. I had them home for about a month and the SE blew another motherboard. All three times it was right after finishing an embroidery design. They will not cover the second motherboard under warranty. They are convinced it is a problem with the wiring in our house. The fact that I had a 10000 in the same room also on a surge suppressor for years (all of my machines and electronics are on surge suppressors), a Singer Futura, two sergers and a Janome professional with no problems at all, ever is completely ignored. This will be an $800 hit to my wallet and the fear I have is will it do the same thing again? It is this problem that would keep me from ever buying another Janome, as much as I love them. Now my problem is what do I do with the two that I have?

Rating: 5 Stars ROZ

I use my Janome 11000 every day, mostly doing machine embroidery. I never have a problem with it as long as I pay attention to what is going on. When I am doing embroidery, if it begins to sound funny at all, I stop, Clean it, put in a new needle, and off I go. I do have it serviced 2 times a year because of the hours that I use it doing machine embrodery. The ease of the this machine is fantastic its the only brand that I will purchase because of the ease of operation and mine machines, and I have three of them, never break dowh, except for operator error!

Rating: 2 Stars Pamela

I have a MC11000 and would you believe it, if it is raining it does not want to go, it turns on and just keeps on going back to the reference page that is if it wants to do any thing at all, every time I take it in to have it checked out they say it is running great which it does if the weather is fine and sunny, Janome said that it is a the A board but will not cover it because it was purchased from the internet and I am not the original owner, but if it was the A board would it not go at all because when it is fine and sunny it is a marvellous machine.

Rating: 3 Stars phyllis in arkansas



Rating: 5 Stars Laura

If you own a Janome you’re lucky,I have four. I teach Quilting and always have to help students with their machines.This brand is by far the easiest to trouble shoot. usually a jamed machine is caused by the thread you are using. And it doesn’t have to be a cheap thread,it could be the age or the dye lot. Second, it could be the needle that may have a small burr or is slighty bent.the third cause could be a tension problem which usually is the lower or bobbin tension. TNT thread,needle,tension.

Rating: 5 Stars fabric artist

I purchased my Memory Craft 11000 in 2006. I’ve had it upgraded over the years. I have a sewing background and love the machine. It does lovely embroidery and perfect straight stitching. I have never had a bobbin jam and have thousands of hours on the machine. I have no problem with USB Memory or direct link to PC.

I do always use the vertical spool holder that came with the machine and have added a thread guide between the vertical spool holder and the “click” thread guide.

I also have a Bernina Artists Embroidery machine but I find myself using the Janome about 95% of the time.

Sorry to hear so many of you are having issues with this machine. Based on my experience, I give the machine 5 Stars.

Rating: 4 Stars Rosalyn Simons

I have trouble with my bobbin also. After talking with a dealer near a friends house, he mentioned that the take up lever can be closed a bit. It slips out and locks up my machine, pulling the bobbin case out of position. Also I sand my bobbin case to smooth out the rough spots when this happens.

Rating: 2 Stars helenjay

I have had the same trouble with the bobbincase jamming and jumping out of place Taken it to dealers I dont know how many times and it’s always my fault There is definately a fault somewhere I have now bought a 350E embroidery only and a plain sewer and has been great no holdups Yes I was ready to throw the machine at the dealer (If I was strong enough)

Rating: 4 Stars Kay

Have had my 11000 maching for 7 years. I started having problems with the bobbin and I have a good dealer who really helps you. I found that for embroidering use Janome bobbin thread does best. Straight sewing doesn’t matter. When my bobbin froze up it was because the thread came out of the take-up lever. Always check that first. All the bobbin casings that I got before I knew about the take-up lever still work and I reuse them with no problem. Change needles frequently and put designs into the EMB file and it works. It took me a long time to figure this all out, now I have few problems. I have looked at the 12000 and it has gotten rid of a lot of the 11000 problems.

Rating: 5 Stars Grandmama

I have had 5 Janome machines 8000, 9000,9700, 10000,11000 and have never had a problem, i have had my 11000 for about 5years and i use it nearly everyday i make hanbags large, small, thick and thin i do duvet covers with beautiful embroidery on and huge tablecloths a lot of which have my own designs on that i do on my PC with Digitizing software then transfer to a memory stick and put in side of machine, also downloaded designs, not had any problems yet, i always use Janome bobbins and bobbin thread,i always make sure the bobbin section is kept free of dust and fluff and that the needles are changed regularly also that i use the correct needle for the project i am doing, let’s hope my luck continues as i have just had the 12000 delivered, i would not buy any other make of machine.

Rating: 4 Stars Bananas

I baby my 1100SE, using it mainly for embroidery.I keep it folded up(no extension arm out)when not in use and do not leave it plgged in. I did eventually have a bobbin problem, but it was after a whole lot of sewing very thick materials. What was happening is that the needles were bending and hitting the bobbin before breaking.
It does seem to be a bit touchy that way.When I used very thin batting things went better.The machine is a little touchy regarding thick fabrics and
I found by experiment that not all bobbin threads work alike and some are not sufficent to balance a heavy top thread,in fact, I have one rare brand that requires loosining tension to even begin to get it through the discs.
I use a Babylock Quilters choice for most items.I bought the Digitizer Pro with the machine and taught myself how to convert other patterns into a format recognized by the machine. I think there is an upper limit on stitches in a single design that the machine can hold and process.I think it is 74,000.If your design is too much memory or stitches, it just won’t take it.You would need digitizing software to resize or edit down or divide it.
My big complaint is dealer based.I never asked for lessons as I sewed.(But I was promised “unlimited” lessons)When I ran into a computer problem with the Digitizer software, despite having spent almost 15,000 in her store, I was treated curtly and more or less given NO HELP.
I had to go to another dealer who patiently tried to help for two hours. This other dealer is a real sweetheart and is famous for her digitized desighns.
Guess who I go to now! I found out that the Dealer had made a lot of enemies due to no customer support and shoddy repairs! Evidently dealers are pretty much on their own. If you are lucky enough to get a good one, they are like gold, and if you get a bad one lots of luck.
I think that when they sell the software(also not cheap) some free lessons should come with that also.
I think they should have organized lessons on all the features and feet that give you the dime tour.
My Babylock dealer did that for her machines and we all knew a lot about them as a result.
Customer service is lacking for this machine although I was told I was getting a long warranty.
But overall, it is still working fine and I have used it , though not as much embroidering yet.

Rating: 4 Stars cbaum1

I bought the Janome 11000SE in October 2011. I love the machine but having a problem with the bobbin case. The machine will embroider for a while then all of a sudden it will jam and “LocK” message will appear on the screen. The bobbin case will have moved to the right unaligning it from the arrow and the top thread will be wrapped around the bobbin case several times. My question is has anyone else had this problem? Does anyone else think that replacing the bobbin case with a new one will correct the problem. Thanks

Rating: 4 Stars Lorraine

I have had my Janome 11000 for 4 years. Interesting so many ladies have trouble with the bobbin area. Sometimes I did have trouble when embroidering, the thread would get caught up under my work and I would have to cut the thread to get the bobbin cover off. I assumed the problem was to do with the bobbin but now realize the problem is somehow related to fluff or ????? affecting the upper thread. Machine is always threaded correctly but when I have changed the top thread the machine embroiders well. I believe the problem is at the start of threading where the thread passes under a piece of plastic before being drawn where the threading can be seen by opening the cover. So strange when the evidence of thread tangles are in the bobbin area but every time this has happened it’s come right with totally rethreading my machine. I have never had the bobbin parts replaced but the tangles were a real problem until I accidentally realized rethreading would fix this.

Rating: 3 Stars rigby

I bought this machine as a retirement gift to myself but got caught up in the fun of getting a new machine as my former one was a very old Singer (although quite a workhorse). Unfortunately I should have done research and read reviews on-line. If I had, I would not have purchased this machine. I had the bobbin case problem once and the dealer sanded the edge, popped it back in, and now is okay. I am now very careful with threading the machine. My problem is with the embroidery. I was really excited to be able to make beautiful designs but I find the built in designs to be simplistic. However, when I buy designs online and try to download them onto the machine I find that only a couple are recognized. I do the same procedure for each but not much goes on the flash stick. I’ve tried hooking up my PC and get the “not connected” signal and put in a flash stick and more often then not the design is not there. I don’t know why this is happening. I am computer literate and this does not seem to be user friendly at all. I wish I had bought a separate embroidery machine but because of the initial outlay of money chances for that are slim now.

Rating: 2 Stars Annsews

I could write a book on this subject! I bought my machine within a few months of it coming out. I had to travel a long way to get my machine - no one in my state was selling the machine. I had had my 9000 for several years and it had been a real workhorse, so I was determined to get another Janome! I don’t do a whole lot of embroidery, but that is why I bought this machine - larger hoops, supposedly a dream machine. I will say as far as regular sewing, I have had no problems with it - it sews just as well (if not maybe a little better) than my 9000, but i have had so many jams on my machine, it is unreal. After replacing the bobbin case a few times, I shipped it back to the store where I purchased and it was returned and worked really well for a while - but then the bobbin case problems returned. I finally had it serviced by a Janome guru who is supposed to know it all - but after I got it back - once again it worked well for a while - then back to bobbin jams. I’m sitting her right now waiting for a new bobbin case. I think I’ll try not using the thread stand that I have on the machine and go to the individual thread stand. I disagree about the machine always being threaded wrong as the cause of the bobbin jams. I do open the door on the side and thread it using both hands as directed. Most of the time, I am in the middle of a project, the machine is sewing really well - then suddenly it jams. It doesn’t happen just after I’ve started. I think that for some reason, the thread comes out of the take up lever and this is what causes the jams. Anyone else agree with me? After the first of the year, I plan on shipping my machine back to my dealer for service and we’ll see how it works with the individual thread stand. All I can say is I don’t think I’d ever buy another Janome.

Rating: 1 Star Shirley

I have had my Janome mc 11000 for 2 years and have had alot of different problems with it.

1). Bobin jams and is very noisy.
2). My computer has gone bad twice. I turned on my janome today and a flash of light and then a smell of burning computer componets. So now i can’t even sew with it.
3). Quilting is horible on the back side of my quilt. i have even bought a special bobin holder and it is still horible even with quilting neddles. The tension holding power is not good at all.
4). Embroidery looks 2nd or 3rd quality.

I think i have paid $8,000.00 for a piece of junk.

If i had it to do over again, i would not buy a Janome mc 11000.

Rating: 2 Stars suzhuman

I have had my janome 11000 for 4 years. I have been sewing daily since I retired in May. I can’t tell you how many times I have had it in the shop. The stitches are not even on embroidery, the tension always seems to be wrong and yes the bobbin case is a nightmare. Everytime I take it in the shop tells me it is all my fault. I think I have replaced everything possible. my feelings are that for a machine that is supposed to be the best, we should not have so many problems. My sister has a babylock and it works beautifully. Like many others, I can’t afford to buy another machine. It goes back to the shop tomorrow for more repairs. They guarantee satisfaction so I am hoping they will trade it out –maybe mine was just a lemon. By the way, I also have a Janome 6600 and it works beautifully.

Rating: 3 Stars Hazel

I had a Janome 300 embroidery machine loved it but felt I wished to up grade so bought the 11000 just after it was released. From the start it kept showing bobbin thread on top so I bought a second bobbin case and my dealer adjusted same. It worked okay with that and then I have had it upgraded twice. Even at first I could not walk away from the machine as it sometimes jumps out of position and when I am watching it I find it does same thing and the item I am embroidering is ruined. The automatic needle threader has never worked properly. I have already had the computer board replaced once and it still plays up sometimes and won’t come on. Also sometimes the cotton locks in the upper thread holder and will not release and I may have to thread time and time again until it releases. Also even though I mark the centre of my work the machine never starts in the right place unless I jog up to 20 stitches both ways. I am not young and with a muscular disease it is very difficult for me to get the machine to the shop for service. I think it is a lemon and the work from the jump stitch is very untidy enderneath. I believe the new 12000 machine is 22kgs so I would never be able to cope with that weight even if I wanted to buy it but I would have to wait quite sometime to see what others thought of it.

Rating: 4 Stars Nicespice58

I have had my 11000 for 5 years and have had both upgrades done it. I find that the jump thread cutting option can be quite frustrating, as it regularly causes the top thread to foul and jam, resulting in having to clear and clean the race for errant pieces of thread. When this happens it will sometimes throw the design position out, hence ruining the embroidery. Consequently, I am reluctant to use the jump thread cutting feature.
My machine has also developed a squeeking noise which has been investigated by Janome and their engineer said not to be concerned about it, he suggested that I regularly put oil in the small hole in the bobbin case and a little on the needle drive shaft.
My machine is in regular use and I have it serviced at least once every twelve months.
I also have a Janome Horizon machine which I bought a year ago.

Rating: 3 Stars pam

I love the 11000se but after 2years all of a sudden i turn the machine on and it will not fully start up it takes 2or3 times and then will turn on has anyone had this problem i will call janome about this thanks

Rating: 5 Stars Linda

I had a Janome Memory 7 for 30 yrs. with now problems. Never had to have a repair.
I treated myself to the MC11000SE a couple yrs. ago, but due to health problems I didn’t do much until about 6 months ago. I love it! I ruined on bobbin case. I hadn’t realised about listening for the clicks and have since had no problems.

Rating: 5 Stars Peggy

I have had my 11000se for about 3-4 years now and I still love it, maybe more now than before. Where I bought it went out of business, so no training, but it is my 4th Janome, I love the brand. I did have to call Janome tech support the first day as I too could not load a design from the jump drive I had my designs on. What they did not tell you in the manual, the machine will not read a jump drive larger than 2G. I was trying to use a 4G. Changed to a 2G and it worked perfectly! I have been thinking about the new Janome Horizon 12000 that will be at the dealers Oct. 1. I would like to up grade as I have read and it sounds wonderful, but I too think I will wait a bit to see if there are any bugs that need to be worked out of the design. I have loved every one of my Janome machines and I currently have an 11000se, a 9000 which still sews quiet as a wisper and beautifully, 2 Janome sergers and a Janome cover pro. I love them all.

Rating: 5 Stars Anonymous

I have had my 11000se for 3 years now and I still love it. I too had an issue trying to load designs from a jump drive, I called Janome tech support and the guy said the machine can not read a jump drive larger than 2G and I was trying to use a 4G. I do use 8G to store a back up of all my designs, but use a 2G to load the designs into the machine or just connect the pc to the machine. I love it and was thinking of checking out the new 12000, which will be out in Oct. It looks awsome! One thing you really can’t do is acidently hit the needle threader button while the presser foot is down! It jams really bad and does at that point require a trip to the shop….However not the machine’s fault….only mine. Our shop is really great and I dropped it off on Sat. and should be able to pick it up by Tues.

Rating: 5 Stars Min

If you find your machine freezes check out the size of your designs on your USB or card. If they are just slightly too large the machine won’t read them but will freeze the display screen on the page before the one with the problem. ie if the problem is on page 3 then the last page you will be able to access will be page 2. I check mine out by checking my USB on my embird program using the editor function as this displays the hoop. Resize the design then have another go.

Rating: 1 Star carol

I bought this machine and it worked okay for about a year…..chewed up some bobbin cases but still worked….however in November 2010, I took it in for just a check up and cleaning…..the dealer has had it since. Literally, it has been back and forth between my house and the dealer since November. They said it was fixed and I pick it up and take it home and within the first 10 stitches, it locks up with an error code. It is just coming back on Monday from its second trip to the Janome Main repair place in NJ or NY. I bought a Brother Entepreneur 10 in February to open my embroidery business and it is great. I will NEVER buy another Janome. NEVER!

Rating: 5 Stars vickie54

I had a Janome 9700 and I just replaced it with the 11000SE and I’m glad I did. This machine is a lot nicer than the 9700. It has more built in stitches and patterns which is nice, but there is so much more. The adjustable height screen is bigger and it shows the entire pattern at once. You can have it light up the area for each color so you know exactly where it is embroidering. You can wind a bobbin at the same time as you are sewing since it has 2 motors. As for the bobbin case, I haven’t had a problem. I asked the dealer about it and he asked if I had a problem with the 9700 which I said no. He said it’s the same bobbin case. It is usually user error when there is a problem with it. Be sure to thread the machine correctly. Listen for the click. Be sure the bobbin thread is in the correct direction as it shows onthe clear snap out cover. The first time I put the USB stick in the machine, it didn’t find the patterns. It’s because I didn’t have them in the proper folder. Once they are in the folder, they were instantly recognized and I was ready to go. You want them in the EMBF folder which is inside the EMB folder. The patterns appear instantly not like the 9700 which took forever. It is also neat that you can put your own pictures on the screen saver. It actually sews and embroiders a little nicer than the 9700 too. I haven’t tried the quilting stitches yet but I really want to get into that also. I will be taking some free lessons from my dealer and they will show me all the new features on the machine. So far I love the machine and I’m glad I traded up to it. It is expensive, but worth it. You can get 12 months same as cash to buy it. If you have a trade-in, it also helps. My dealer gave me 80% of the purchase price of my 9700 that I bought 2 years ago toward the 11000SE. Happy Sewing/Embroidering/Quilting :)

Rating: 3 Stars Lauren

Wow! To think I was actually thinking about this machine! I have the Brother Duetta and Love it! Never one problem and I have an Embroidery business and have 4 mil stitches on it with not problems. Thanks everyone no Janome MC1000 for me I will stay with my wonderful Brother Duetta!

Rating: 2 Stars wiskers15

I bought this machine a year ago, I traded my 10,000 for this machine thinking I was getting a good deal, I am very disappointed, have $8000.00 tied up in this machine. Took lesson to learn how to use machine fine until i get home, nothing works right, but can’t afford to trade it in for another. These machines are to expensive not to work properly. Ordered more DVD’s to watch and maybe learn more about keeping it operating.
I am experience in sewing. This machine is not any comparison to the 10,000. If anyone could comment on what machine is a better machine I would greatly appreciate it.

Rating: 3 Stars smb

I purchased my MC 11,000 in 2006. I have since purchased 2 upgrades. I figure I have spent $8K by now.
Had no problems until 2011. My bobbin case refuses to stay put, flips out and jams the works up.

I noticed quite a few reviews by comsumers with the same problem but the dates are frequently back in 2009.

Have they been able to resolve bobbin flipping out issues and if so what has been done to resolve this problem?

Rating: 3 Stars Renee

This is my second Janome machine. i loved it from the day I got it (Christmas) until about a week ago….embroidering a beach towel and it kept looping the threads and and jamming. I am taking it tomorrow to the shop for evaluation….but after I finally decided the beach towel was ruined and I left it alone for a week….went back to it today and if I try to straight sew or any other type of sewing it takes 3 stitches and then says “rethread machine”…I spent hours cleaning the bobbin case, changing the threads, rethreading and I was looking on here to see if there were others with the same issues….I was loving it and now - not so much. Hope they can fix it and I can finish my projects I have started. I sold my old Janome and I am already missing it.

Rating: 4 Stars Rodwin

I have had my Janome for over a year and with work comitments have not spent enough time with it. I have a few issues but as others have had similar problems I must agree they can just be tweeking issues, threading wrong, bobbins not in correctly, not keeping my hoop arm clear. All these issues have been resolved, what I do find as an issue is people who sell the machines not having the education to teach the machines. hey are expensive and can give alot of joy when all is good, retailers have forgotten to give customer service, classes should be encouraged and they will find people enjoying there machines and wanting more out of them, thus giving more income if thats the issue. I remember getting my first machne and joining groups just for the sake of sewing why can’t we take time to enjoy each other and our hobbies, bring back the old days! Oh no I must be becoming my mother :)

Rating: 1 Star NoMoreJanome11000

While it is apparent that many people have had the same issues, I’m looking at getting a new machine and would like to know what machines anyone would recommend that does embroidering?

Rating: 5 Stars the quilt lady

I own the janome 11000 now for two years and I have had two upgrades I sew almost every day of the week have made several queen size quilts and numerous other projects for myself and others I also do atremendous amount of embroidery and I absolutely love my machine I would recomend this machine to anyone. I had no instruction and found it easy to master in about a week there wasnt anything i couldnt do very happy best gift my husband ever bought it has brought me a lot of pleasure.

Rating: 2 Stars S. a hobbyist

I love the embroidery options and create t-shirt designs for house guests. But I have owned this machine for three years and like everyone else, I have a little drawer full of pierced bobbin cases to show for it. I think I should buy stock in the bobbin case factory! The machine works well 80% of the time and then something goes terribly wrong and a needle breaks off in the bobbin case and the case pops up out of the machine. Happily, no flying needle pieces yet, just a terrible sound when the machine jams and the needle breaks.
My husband gave me a little can of compressed air to spray under the bobbin case, hoping that thread fiber might be the cause, but no, it makes no difference.

Anyone have a cheap source for replacement bobbin cases in bulk?

Rating: 5 Stars Cyndi

I was told about this website by a friend of mine who is considering purchasing this machine, so I thought I would read all of the things people are saying about it. I have been selling and working with these machines since they first came out and I also own one myself, the special edition. I just have to say that it is the most awesome and easy to use machine I have ever had (and I have had many expensive Berninas, Vikings, and Babylocks). I have never had any problems whatsoever, including the bobbin problems everyone is talking about, and neither have any of my customers. Not sure why this is happening with these people. But I will say that I was trained on this machine and I give lessons to all of them that are sold in our company, so maybe that is why my customers do not have problems with them. This machine is much more reliable than any of the other lines that we sell and I would not hestitate at all in recommending it to anyone!

Rating: 3 Stars panda

I have had the 1100 for 2 years without problems but this year have had to have a new sensor for the embroidery foot and the bobbin. I have also recently had problems with the upper thread jamming under the needle plate in all types of sewing. I have been advised to use a thread net to feet the thread more evenly.

Rating: 5 Stars kate

After reading all these reviews I completely agree with the one which advised owners to use the vertical thread stand. I have had my 11K for three years now and initially had problems probably due to my own inexperience and not being aware how the thread being used should unwind from the thread spool into the machine. I have no problems now whatsoever due to using the vertical thread stand. My husband made one from a block of wood and piece of dowelling, topped by an ordinary cup hook which guides the thread to the machine. Using this I don’t even have any problems with metallic thread. I urge all those having problems to give the thread stand a try, you might just find this your answer. In the meantime, putting your thread into a tea cup at the right side of your machine, might help, but a cheap thread stand was the answer for me.

Rating: 2 Stars Carol

Worked well for one year and then nothing but problems. Same error message that says that there is a bent needle, too thick of fabric, something stuck! It has been to the repair shop 3 times and then comes back home and works one hour and BINGO…same error message.

Rating: 1 Star Laurel

Ok my latest saga…I sat the machine aside for many months ..I’ve had nothing but huge problems with the store I bought it from (cynthia’s sewing center in Las Vegas) She is the most horrible woman…I bought new bobbin casing the other day to try again…I was halfway into the little project for my grandson with the straight sewing when guess what? Yep the machine locked up, the casing came out of the holder ruining the project…I packed it up took it to the repairman and told him my long sad story…Cynthia refuses to honor the repair on the machine even though we took our money and made all kinds of promises when She sold it to us so I have made the trek to go to other repair places in town. The man was so honest and looked at the machine..He said He could take our $90.00 to check it all out but He said for what we paid for it We should contact the company ourselves an tell them our story…He said He could sell us another one of his machines but that we should try and see if the company would do us right …I am so sad over all of this…I’m told Cynthia is selling the brother machines now and that many ,many people are upset over the Janome 11000 purchased through her and are very upset with similar stories to ours….I’ve not been able to finish a single project with my machine….I’d love to tell another story but this is how it is…I’ve tried all the tricks and little things people say to do but nope it’s a wash…I will contact the parent company and try that but, I’m super depressed and if someone wants a class action suit please don’t hesitate to contact us..I do feel Cynthia’s needs to be sued. She is an awful human who takes no responsibility for her lies or her product…She did say She would trade my sewing machine in on a brother..Along with another few thousand dollars….Don’t buy this product!!! You will be sorry…I’m looking at a Bernina now..I will post the results from Janome headquarters..Then if nothing turns out I’m hiring a lawyer and going public…

Rating: 5 Stars Chris

I really love all the helpful hints I have gotten from this site….thanks to all that shared helpful hints. So I thought I would share mine:

-Don’t be impatient. This is a computerized machine and once you tell it to do something, it has to go through its entire routine. An example: You push the dot button to end the stitching and cut the thread but as soon as it cuts the thread, you raise the pressure foot. The machine wants to finish its routine by parking the needle and it will stubbornly tell you to lower the pressure foot and now that you have disrupted its routine, it may even want to continue sewing without you!

-Make sure that when you replace your needle, you put the needle in with the flat side away from you and the rounded side toward you. If you do it the other way around, it will keep loosing its thread and telling you to rethread the machine.

I have had my moments when I wanted to throw the machine out the window no matter the cost. But then after I walk away for awhile and come back, I always find it was “user” error and not “machine” error. :-)

Rating: 2 Stars Jean

I got my 11000 for a christmas gift from my husband and I HATE it!!! Nothing but trouble. I have used a friends bernina and absolutely loved it!! So how do I tell my husband ? Do not want to hurt his feelings!!

Rating: 5 Stars Meme

I have had my 11000 SE since early spring and I love mine! I do a lot of embroidery and sew totes using double sided pre-quilted fabric and it does not compare to the 9500 I traded in for it. I was all the time breaking needles while sewing on thick fabric with my 9500, not the case with my 11000. It sews through thicknesses as if they were single thicknesses. I have found that if I clean out the lint after every project and change needles regularly it operates like a charm. What are you talking about when you say that a hole comes in the bobbin case? I have not tried the built-in quilting features, but I am looking forward to learning how to use it. I am still loving my 11000!

To those of you who are having problems with your machine reading embroidery designs. I had that problem when I tried to get my machine to read one of my main jump drive that I put all my designs on. If you will only keep a jump drive that you only put the design you are going to work with on it, the machine will read it better, because it doesn’t have a lot of designs to read at the same time. I mostly us a flash card that I have named temporary designs. If you try this, I think you will like it a whole lot better.

Rating: 1 Star Anonymous

I am having a MC11000 for 4 years now. It had problems with reading USB flash drives as well as a PC. I tried software upgrade but the machine just froze for more than an hour, I switched it off and on again. At the moment the screen is blank and the sewing light is on - nothing else is working. No Janome dealers in Namibia, who can help me - really dissappointed.

Rating: 1 Star debi thompson

from reading the posted comments there seems to be a common fault with the 11000. I have in my possession no less than 16 broken bobbin casings due to jaming. in the last 2 years i have purchased 6 Janome machines Limited edition sewinfg, 350E, 1100, MB-4 and the latest quilting machine which only came out last month. I have no trouble with any of the machines except for the 1100 which is a real lemon. Janome Australia does not seem to care after th 12 month warranty period is up they do not want to know.

Rating: 5 Stars Starwatts

I have had my 11K since 2007 and did the first upgrade last year. I LOVE IT. I used to work for the dealer (Bought it before working for him) You must really thread it properly….As they say, listen for the snap to make sure it’s in there properly.

One thing Janome doesn’t say, is WHENEVER POSSIBLE - Have the spool VERTICLE.

I have the thread stand and set it off to the right side of the machine and use the thread guide on top that came with it. before going to normal threading.

If you lost that little thread guide or didn’t get the thread stand and want the little piece, you can order that part separately. When I worked for the dealer, I called Janome to get the bitty part number and sold many, case they fit a lot of janomes.

When I sold it, I always sat the new buyer down and explained the importance of the snap and the thread being verticle. Don’t have a thread stand, spend 7 bucks and buy one.

The other thing when doing embroidery is proper balance on the bobbin thread. 60 weight bobbin thread is essential I have used Fil-tec, Madeira bobbin thread and the janome spool that came with it. Fil tec is #1 and Madiera a close second.

Also, having learned a little repair at the shop….

if the problem is in the bobbin case area, it’s your upper threading is off. If it’s up above, it’s your bobbin thread messed up.

Oil the bobbin case in that little open dot underneath the bobbin at least every 8 hrs of sewing with proper sewing machine oil Haven’t sewn for over a week or 2, oil first.

Change your needles every 25000 - 30000 stitches, esp. if you are using Organ needles. Don’t keep going on an old needle, they are cheap.

Get a can of blow off for electronics. Blow from the top down toward the needle (get that little straw in there) and blow the lint and dust and threads out of the tension, every time you oil the bobbin case.

Take the bobbin case out now and again and get the lint out of that area, use your vaccum for the keyboard attachement.

It’s like little routine maintainence and consistent threading, verticle spool, never a problem.

Also, get it professionally cleaned by your Janome Rep every 6-12 months. Too big of an investment to mess with.

For all you Experienced sewers having trouble…the electronic machines do so much more and and have so many sensors that you need to treat them with a little reverence. These are not the machines we grew up with and that mom had.

Rating: 1 Star Sandi

I have had my 11000 at the dealers countless times on the same problem. The bobbin case keeps jamming up. I have replaced the case at least 8 or 10 time in the passed 2 1/2 years I’ve had it. The dealer keeps telling me i don’t know how to thread it. I find the insulting because I have won ribbons with my work. I find I can only straight sew on this machine.
Anyone can find a cheaper machine then paying $7500.00 to do only straight sewing. I wouldn’t recommend this machine to anyone that I knew. Plus everyone I know, knows about this problem anyway. They all have gotten a different machine.

Rating: 2 Stars beth

I have had nothing but trouble with this machine, I always use the correct needles and bobbins and been ultra careful whilst threading up, but have had constant bobbin case problems with it spinning round and getting damaged. it has been back to the dealer and Janome more times than I can count. Since having it returned recently and it working fine for a while I decided to upgrade to the V3 quilting, I followed the instructions to the letter and when I put the USB in the machine and turned the machine on the screen went blank and now I have nothing working but the light. Please don’t waste your money on this machine.

Rating: 5 Stars MadamLB

I love my 11000SE!!! But have had trouble with the bobbin case twisting and getting ruined! After reading the Janome Guy and Robin, I went back to my machine and not only checked to be sure the thread was in the take up lever, BUT ALSO in the first place the top thread goes is under a piece of white plastic and we can’t see what is under there. BUT when threaded correctly, there will be a little snap with the thread if it is in right. That is the spot I had been missing and consequently ruined 2 and almost the third bobbin case.
When starting to thread the machine, do just as the book says, hold the thread in both hands while threading the first part so there is tension on the thread and the little ’snap’ is heard and then be sure to also get it in the thread take up lever. That should fix the problem. At least it did for me and I am SO THANKFUL!!!

Rating: 2 Stars Di

I am begining to wonder if my MC11000 is a Toyota! Will not buy a Janome again. Saving for a Bernina.

Rating: 3 Stars Hazel

I have been buying Janome machines since my early 20’s. I began with the 4800, a fantastic machine which I still use to this day. Never a thing goes wrong with it.
I have a 6600 very heavy quilting and sewing machine wonderful to use and runs like a dream. Uses any and all bobbins not just the expensive Janome pre wounds.
I also have a16P quilting machine which is great for powerful quilting, sews like a dream. It has one thing which I really don’t understand, it uses small metal bobbins and with a front bobbin change door which makes it very hard to change bobbins.
I bought a 300E embroidery machine to start what I thought would be a lot of fun embroidering patterns onto anything and everything. I almost ended up throwing it through the window. The gigabyte hoop would not match up patterns when turned to complete the other half of the design. I wasted a lot of material and time and money trying to get it to match up.
I finally decided to get rid of it and buy the latest 11000. It was fantastic to start with and still is when running properly. I maintain my own machines (keeping them clean and running smoothly)and have had no problems at all. I now find that after paying what amounts to a price for a small car, I can find no mechanic that is able to service the 11000. The main headoffice in Melbourne only does warranty work and will not look at repairing machines out of warranty. There are very few mechanics that I would give my expensive ‘baby’ to, to be fixed or serviced.
Janome needs to look at building up it’s repair department, before a lot of sewing people show their disatisfaction with the lack of knowledgable mechanics, by buying into Bernina, Pfaff and others.

Rating: 5 Stars tmbar19

I bought the Janome MC 11000 and found out that I was causing the computer to “glitch” by putting in too many patterns at one time. Since I’ve limited the number of designs, the machine sews like a top!! I LOVE embroidering with it, as it is very precise, user-friendly and also quiet. I desperately want to upgrade to the SE and get the extra hoops but I’m having difficulty coming up with the extra money. I guess I will have to save up. Now that I know why I was having some problems and stopped overloading the computer, I am very happy with my Janome and would recommend this brand to anyone. It’s a lot of fun because it is easy to use!!
Keep smiling and sewing!!

Rating: 3 Stars brendavirgo1138(Australia)

I hae had my JanomeMC11000 for about 4 months now and paid the extra $599.00 for the version 2. upgade so mine would be like Janome MC11000 special edition but now the machine keeps saying lower presser foot when it is already down and the machine will not sew.
i am very dissappointed.
is there anyone out there that can help me please.
i have turned the machine off then on nothing

Rating: 3 Stars tmbar19

I got the 11000 for a Christmas gift, and the very first time I used it, the machine ‘froze up.’ None of the buttons would work - just beep. I had to do a “cold shut down.” I contacted the dealer asap and he removed the program and reloaded it, which made a huge difference in the speed but the machine continued to freeze up when I pushed ’start.’ I did discover that if I pressed the threader button a couple of times, that eventually it would trigger the start button into waking up. Right now (nearly two months later) it is in the shop again being fixed, and I’m getting lots of ‘user error’ excuses, which don’t fly with me at all because I have the 350E which I LOVE and had the 1001 for four years. Recently I was asked if I would recommend Janome, and I said ‘no.’

Rating: 5 Stars Donna Barnes

I have a Janome 11000 & I love my machine - - I have also added the upgrade. I have had my machine almost 2 years & have used it a lot & no problems at all with anything. I also never took but one class & when I went for it, they saw i already had done everything on it from sewing & embroidery & the computer. It was so very easy to use. One person in these reviews said you couldn’t use different bobbins. I do , I use ones from my old Kenmore & ones I buy at Walmart & never any problems but I do use the janome needles. My Mother has a Brother Pacesetter 6500 & my opinion is that’s it’s worthless. She’s had it in the shop numerous times & when you put a embroidery card in it you sure better turn the machine off first. Has to be off to insert or take out. Craziest thing I ever heard. If you don’t it will blow the motherboard. Mom blew her first one in about 3 tries on embroidery ( she had bought a friends machine) she turned right around & bought the same kind which I never figured out & then I got mine & she says over & over what a great machine I have. SO BUY JANOME! I highly reccommend it.

Rating: 5 Stars HappyQuilter3

I am a Janome person and have several Janome machines that I use strictly for home sewing. I have recently purchsed a Janome MC11000SE. I LOVE it and to date have not had any problems. I find that as with any machine, it needs to be treated with respect. Threading and tension is an important factor and can affect the operation of the machine. When I thread, I open the door on the side to make sure of thread direction. I have read the other reviews and am very surprised by the comments of unhappiness. I also have a Janome MB4 which is in constant use. It works great and when there is a problem, it is usually my error - something not quite right in the threading. I am fortunate that I have an excellent dealer who provides great support - I do find that the Janome manuals are lacking in some regards.

Rating: 1 Star laurel

I bought this machine from Cynthia sewing center in Las Vegas…I asked her point blank if this machine had any problems with the bobbin case before I paid for it..She and her son said No! never…I had problems from day one…Traded that machine for another and guess what? The same problem..She blamed me, my husband. She lied and said “nobody ever had problems with the bobbin case”…We have had it with this machine!!Do not buy one…Never buy from Cynthia sewing center…We read all the reviews and even have called other machine owners..It has been a horrid experience…Cynthia represents herself as a christian and treats people like trash…I am very disabled and my entire dollar amount spent was all I had…I feel that She lied directly to our faces…This machine has been nothing but a nightmare in my life…She has not offered to make it right, She said I could trade it for a different machine but that “everyone who owns this machine loves it” I can read this isn’t the case…If you want to purchase a Janome sewing machine throw yourself into traffic or take all your cash and flush it down the toilet… For the amount of money it cast we could have had a nice time in Japan and adopted a child…I will do anything to convince potential customers to buy a viking and save yourself all the heartache..

Rating: 1 Star Linda

I am in the market for a higher end machine. After reading the reviews, I am not going to buy the MC11000. I had one friend who bought a higher end machine and had loads of problems with it. She wondered if the dealer was yanking her chain as she had to take the machine back for work two to four times a month and it cost her each time as the dealer said “operator error not covered under waranty.” At that time, I bought a cheaper Brother from a big box store. I’m thinking of just skipping the higher end machine and buying another machine from the big box store as I could buy a new one every year and throw it away and it would still be cheaper than buying this machine and having to pay for expensive bobbin cases or expensive repairs. Thanks for the reviews.

Rating: 2 Stars Phyllis

I bought the 11000 for my wife, an experienced sewing machine operator. I am sick of the trouble she has with the bobbin jamming. Everytime the bobbin case is replaced and adjusted or whatever, but the problem still remains.
It has been a bad purchase and I intend to buy a better machine. It will not be another Janome.

Rating: 3 Stars sam

I have the Memorycraft 11000 without the upgrade. I also have the Brother Innovis 1. I start to use the Memorycraft with good intentions but soon reverted back to the Brother as it has more user friendly features. I was going to upgrade the Memorycraft 11000 to the latest version but I may think twice about it now afer reading your comments. The sewing quality is fine as well as the embroidery. I have not had any bobbin problems I think it is the software that is not as advanced as the Brother.

Rating: 5 Stars Corky825

I bought the 11000 almost 3 years ago as a retirement present for myself and have loved it! I take it to the shop every year for a tune-up and that has helped keep it running smoothly without any problems. I would suggest this for anyone having any make of machine, especially a high end model.

I have just left it for the upgrades to be installed and am looking forward to using the enhanced quilting features. I just wish they would come out with a stitch regulator for it….then I would be completely happy!!

Rating: 1 Star Beth

I have had nothing but trouble with this machine, I am on my sixth bobbin case in 18months and as you know they are not cheap. When I went to my dealer I was told it was pilot error and I must be doing something wrong. I have had a Janome 10000 for several years now and have never had a problem with this machine it still has the original bobbin case,thank goodness I never got rid of it. Eventually after many letters to Janome they agreed to have my 11000 back and look at it. When it came back it worked fine although and they said they had found nothing wrong with it which I just didn’t believe. I had several months trouble free sewing and it has just happened again, so another £25 for a new bobbin case.
If my thread gets caught up on my 10000 it just breaks the thread but if this happens on my 11000 it pulls the bobbin up and the case spins round and the needle pierces the bobbin case. I am so frustrated and angry that a machine costing this much keeps going wrong.

Rating: 5 Stars ggsews

At times I love my 11000- then at other times I would I
am at a complete loss as what I’m doing wrong.My dealer gave me minimal lessons when I bought my machine. Then I bought the upgrade and that seems to have messed up part mof my embroidery features. I too am having with the bobbin holder. I am not happy right now. The new quilting feature was a waste of money,as you do not get any instructions to go with it. I am ready to try to sell this machine and buy one that I can get some help with.

Rating: 5 Stars Gtlgal

I have had my Janome 11000 since it came out and had it upgraded when that came out. I did have one experience with the bobbin case. But have learned to listen to the machine and if I hear the slightest unusual nose I stop it and check everything. This keeps problems to the minimum. Not threading correctly causes many problems as I have noted when I am in club and listening to the other ladies talk. Take your time when theading, it is a pain I know but worth it. An check to make sure you have the pressure set correctly. It is a computer and as they say garbage in, garbage out. I also urge everyone to take a class with your dealer as they can offer many tips to keep you sewing. This is my 4th Janome and I absolutely love it.

Happy sewing

Rating: 3 Stars sandy

I have just ordered the janome MC11000 now I am having doubts as to whether or not to cancel it as it is very expensive, but I thought it was the best, but lots of you seem to be having trouble with the bobbin casing what should I do my other option was to buy the Mc350E as I have never done embroidery before but this is also a pre retirement present to myself and the sales lady said I would soon get frustrated with this one as I do sew a lot just never embroidered before what do other people think or should I try a different make

Rating: 5 Stars Robin

I had the Janome 10k, the 10001, and now the 11000 upgrading to the SE ve2 and 3 very soon. This is a GREAT machine.

For those having bobbin case puncture problems: You MAY be using the wrong bobbins! The Janome bobbins are not the same size as just every bobbin. If you are using normal bobbins or nebs or other prefills, they do not fit properly and cause the spinning as they get low, pull up and poof, punctured case. That said, some of the first machines came off the line with an adjustment necessary. If you have bobbin spinning/case punture problems I urge you to buy Janome bobbins from the dealer and fill them yourself or buy the prefilled Janome bobbins from the dealer. If that does not help, take it to the dealer for adjustment. As mentioned by Janome Guy, one of the problems can be that the thread’s not in the takeup lever. Thread as he mentioned but know there is a teeny tiny spring in the catch of the takeup lever that can be missing…poof….problems. Have the dealer check it.

Bottom line..I love, love, love my Janome 11000. It is easy to use, an absolutely solid workhouse and provides excellent quality of stitching and embroidery. I would not trade it for the world.

Janet you have a sensor that needs to be adjusted. When you get the message, try to turn the handwheel toward you a bit, then press start. If it doesn’t start repeat the process. You should be able to sew till you get into the dealer for adjustment.

Rating: 3 Stars janet

I just got my 11000 and am so excited. I was so careful and read the manual thoroughly instead of jumping in because I was afraid I would ruin something. Now for the problem. I have embroidered a few things - one or two built-ins and one from my computer. The problem is that I have run into the problem where it won’t embroider because it keeps telling me to change the foot to the P foot - well the P foot is already on. I was trying to embroider 12 pink shirts for my family to wear while at the hospital tomorrow for my sisters double mastectomy.
If anyone has any suggestions, please help! I would really appreciate any help you can offer.

Rating: 5 Stars viola

I think the reason that people have problems with it is they did not get enough training. I had troable at first because i did not read or understand how to properly use it. It is a machine that that takes time and patience It is one of the easier machines to learn.make sure you buy from someone that will take time to give you help in understanding how to use it. I love mine but unfortunitly I have to sell mine because of health and hardship. I love it. I feel if you have had a problems it was because you did not get enough help

Rating: 4 Stars Tandy

I have had my 11000 for 2 years after trying another brand and trading it in for this one. Yes it it pricey, but I have only had it in the shop once for an adjustment. The store where I bought mine has excellent service and is family owned. I have made quilts, embroidered towels, blankets, burp cloths, etc. and only messed up on one towel. I recently had it upgraded and can’t wait to use those features.. I would recommend it to anyone.I hope the people who had trouble have gotten theirs fixed so they can enjoy their machine

Rating: 1 Star klindsey

i’m with bmace so much so that I thought I might have written the review myself. It has been a tremendous waste of time and source of contention in my relationship with my wife. I honestly an barely remember a single project that it completed - this machine is the worst money I’ve ever spent.

Rating: 1 Star Bmace

“After at least a dozen trips back to the store we’ve completely given up hope. The machine does nothing but jam and skip and ruin everything we try. The bobbin casing will not stay in place and is just miserable. We’ve invested over $7500 and I just want to smash it into little pieces out of frustration.” wrost investment ever. I hate this machine. will never buy another Janome in my life. if somebody has an idea what can I do to fix my problem I’ll be very thankfull.

Rating: 5 Stars Janome Guy

I have read through all the reviews on this product and I wanted to offer some advise to the common thread I see in regards to the bobbin case spinning. This is caused when the upper thread is not locked into the take-up lever. The MC11000 take up lever is a little different than any of Janome’s past top-ends and the trick I use is when you are threading the machine, open the side door on top and when you pull the thread through the take-up lever pull up at a 45 degree angle.

I have done this enough times an burned through enough bobbins cases now to know if that thread is not completely locked in that take up lever it will slide out and jam up the machine.

If this happens, do not just re-thread and try again as there may be a hole in your bobbin case, instead take out the bobbin case, use than little white screw driver you get with the machine and file down and burrs or holes created, if you smooth it out you will not need a new bobbin case, just make sure when you put the bobbin case back that there is not a large amount of wiggle left to right in the bobbin case, or your bobbin case stopper may have been shifted when it jammed, a local dealer should be able to show you how to fix this at hime if it happens.

Hope this helps.

Rating: 2 Stars cv

I’ve had my machine for 3 years, been in the shop 3 times, all for embroidery problems, now it sounds as if birds are chirping in the machine when I use it. I found that the tension was difficult to adjust on many of the decorative stiches and on the embroidery designs. Looking for a different machine, but gun shy about buying any of them.

Rating: 2 Stars Jen

I’ve had my MC11000 for a year now and have gone through 4 bobbin cases. I just bought a new bobbin case and already it is rattling around and I feel like I have to sit at the machine and be prepared to hit the stop button for fear it will jam up again. I’ve invested over $7000 in this machine and I’m ready to sell it or hopefully trade it in on something more reliable.

Rating: 5 Stars P.D.S.

Fortunately, I have had nothing but excellent experiences with my MC11000. As a 20th birthday present from my mother, she purchased me my very own 11000. I made stuffed animals/toys to accessories for my clothes and dog to making bags and now starting on quilts and eventually maybe clothing. My mother uses the machine to embroider frequently, using the monumental amount of built-in decorative and utility stitches, and the extra 1000$ worth of goodies we received upon buying the machine. We were once trying to thread the machine the wrong way but quickly solved the problem by taking a quick look through the machine’s handbook (which is easy and clear to follow) and since have not had any issues. It is a very thorough and pleasant machine to use.

Rating: 1 Star disappointed

After at least a dozen trips back to the store we’ve completely given up hope. The machine does nothing but jam and skip and ruin everything we try. The bobbin casing will not stay in place and is just miserable. We’ve invested over $7000 and I just want to smash it into little pieces out of frustration.

Rating: 2 Stars londonlady

I am a quilter and was so excited to get this machine home and start using it for free stitiching my quilts. To my dismay I can not use the machine and need to take it back to the dealer. The needle will not go down, the bobbin case is spinning and it was left as the dealer gave it to me…threaded and ready to go, so they said.

Have had the machine all for 5 hours and feel that I have made a horrid mistake.

Rating: 4 Stars lee

This is a wonderful machine for embroidery. It does beautiful embroidery. Fills bobbins perfectly. It just is missing some great features that are on my other brand of sewing and embroidery machine.

Rating: 3 Stars shelley

i’m only new at this but why does the white bobbin fill show through the colored thread? i was told i had to use bobbin fill and a certain kind. i have also had problems with my bobbin i think? i suppose i thought that it was the best machine out there. even a dummy like my self could use it. i suppose i have to play around a bit. the only thing is this bobbin fill!!!!! do they sell other colours of it? very confused

Rating: 5 Stars Anonymous

the 11000 is my 5th janome/memory craft machine and i have to say the best to date. the embroidery it does is the best. i traded my 7000 for the 8000, kept the 8000 and bought the 10000, traded the 10 for the 11.
i also have a little mechanical to lug to class. the 11 is sooooooo heavy and i am very small. the thread cutter, the bobbin winder, the everything!!!!!

Rating: 3 Stars Bratone

I am glad to hear some of you have had a good experience with your MC11000. I can’t say the same. I have had continuous problems with the bobbin basket spinning around counter clockwise and locking up the machine. I have had it in the shop so much I’ve lost track of the count. I have picked it up in the morning and delivered it back that afternoon. The dealer always has an excused for the problem and usually he says it’s operator error. Now he is saying that this is a common occurance and can be expected with all embroidery machines. I love the machine when it works, but have serious regrets about purchasing it now.

Rating: 5 Stars Nina

I had a Janome 10000 and upgraded to 10001. I wanted a bigger field to embroidery so upgraded to Janome11000 I love this machine the other onedid alot but this is the Queen and I can’t wait to embroidery on and sewing is fun two.

Rating: 3 Stars Rose

I bought my janome 11000 as a retirement present for myself, and while I love it when it is working right when it goes bad it really goes bad. Almost from the day I bought it I had problems with the bobbin case. It would embroidery for a while then the bobbin case would lift ant spin around and I would end up buying another case (not a cheap part when you buy often). After a few months my dealer told me it was my fault and when they sent it to the factory for repair I was required to pay for it. Now that it is repaired, I like it a lot better, but live in fear that the case will go bad again.

Rating: 5 Stars Rebecca

What a wonderful machine but very expensive. It sews and it embroiders; what more can a gal ask for? The bobbin winder is super. It uses a different motor to wind the thread tightly which provides better results especially when embroidering. Since the motor is separate, I can embroider and wind at the same time. My previous machine had a black & white screen which is OK, but this has a colored screen and makes things more clear and interesting. My main reason for upgrading to the MC11000 is the larger embroidery area. My previous one had max. area of about 4″. This one is double that size!

Rating: 5 Stars jamie_the_seamstress

I’ve read on message boards that some people were having problems with the bobbin case, but I have not had any problems with mine. The thing I find odd is when creating folders in my USB flash drive on my PC, it’s not recognized by the machine. I have to make the folders on the machine.

I got this while there was a promotion going on and received about a thousand embroidery designs. It does cost a bundle and at first I thought I may have rushed into buying but that feeling quickly disappeared when I finally got home got it out of the box. This machine has so much bells and whistles it’s not even funny! The manual is great and I never felt lost. The colored screen is clear and very informative. There are hundreds of built-in decorative and utility stitches.