Brother Innov-is 1000

Average Rating: 3.5 out of 5
Number of Reviews: 8
• Positve: 6
• Negative: 2
Rating: 4 Stars Lynn porter

Ok if you get the right needle and right bobbin,right bread you do great. I’ve made a few quilts now and did my own quilt stitch, called stippling I liked it . It was easy and the quilt guided threw well. I used the embroidery hoop and fonts at a smaller size and made the label for my quilts. Now working on a rag quilt with double jean material. I had the machine serviced and cleaned to do well. I have had it now and want to try something different. Another machine maybe not so sensitive.

Rating: 2 Stars Lynn porter

Got it new 7 years ago. I’ve had nothing but trouble and aggravation. I’ve had lots of part replaced and my husband upset too said it been a lemon. The first year was under warranty I took 3 classes cause the people I got it from said it was me not the machine. I’m not happy with it at all. I can’t ford to take it in. I was starting to sew someone else’s clothes and it te thier shirt just great. It was also nesting. I rethreaded both top and bobbin put new needle in and it still nests. I get so aggravated I’m in tees and been sewing for years. I’ve always has singer machines but the sewing stors around her have brothers. I’m going to find new repair people too. Tired of replacing parts. I have a fortune in this machine. I’m doing my research next time I buy.

Rating: 2 Stars Augusta Lynn Eaglin-Porter

I bought it and I began quilting pieces together first. In no time I had problems with it. I did some embroidery and again had trouble. While it was under warranty it did not cost to replace parts. But I’ve had it since 2010 and it been in the shop more than out. In the beginning I told the dealer I felt it was a lemon. That made him angry. Told me it was probably the way I used it I’m 62 now and I’ve alway took care of my things. I had lots of left over parts the replaced I was putting out a lot of money to get it fixed. Did not like the dealers. In Port Charlotte, fl. So I said if it’s me then give me lessons to see. They gave me a short introduction. I was so fed up I wanted to trade for something else. I guess long time ago I should have called the manufacture. Very disappointed.

Rating: 3 Stars Pauley

I like the machine, but I have used all kinds of stablizers that were recommended and it does not seem to fill some of the designs all the way. especially on the edges. I use pens to color in that area.

Rating: 4 Stars Lula

Have had this machine for apx two years. Had been very pleased with it until now. While doing embroidery it locked up. Cleaned all the parts I can get to. No help. Got it to sew in regular mode but when I tried to embroidery it locked up again. Not like the older machines where you could get inside them and see what was going on.

Rating: 3 Stars eby

I have alway had a brother for the last 25 years. I bought the innov-is 1000 love how it sews. but have a proble while embrodery it jams up. I take in in for service and they sell me one more to help my machine go smooth. same thing. Is any one else having the same problem? please help

Rating: 5 Stars Brigette S.

I received this machine as a birthday present from my kids! I do mostly sewing and quilting, but I’ve been interested in learning embroidery for quite a while so I was very pleasantly surprised when I got this machine. It embroiders and sews beautifully; I can’t complain. Although I received free embroidery classes, I’m confident I would have been embroidering in not time from the manual alone - it’s clear, not too technical, and very well done.

The only downside with embroidery, as I soon learned, is it’s very addictive! Also, there are lots of supplies to buy so be sure to take that into consideration before jumping into the world of embroidery. Just after two weeks of starting, I was already shopping around for stabilizers, adhesive sprays and all the other stuff!

Rating: 5 Stars mable

I upgraded to this machine from a Singer embroidery machine. In short, it is a fantastic sewing/emb. combo machine. Very easy to use and does well embroidering heavy fabrics compared to my Singer. The one-step buttonholer is nice and the manual is clear and easy to understand.