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Brother Innov-is 4000D Reviews

Brother Innov-is 4000D

Average Rating: 3.6 out of 5
Number of Reviews: 58
• Positve: 43
• Negative: 17
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Rating: 2 Stars bridgette

i have had my brother innov-is 4000d for about 9 years.It has been in the shop more then on my table in my sewing room. I have called brother and have received no help. When it sews right I really like it

Rating: 3 Stars Barb

I have gone through many bobbin cases. Thread forms nest. Worst fault.

Screen not as bright.
Auto threader doesn’t seem to initiate anything when I push on it.
I’ve had a lot more trouble with this than with me pacesetter.
I love the $169 Costco brother. Do I really want to embroider?

Rating: 4 Stars Jill

I have had my Brother Innovis 4000D for several years now and have no complaints about it. It sews beautifully in both sewing and embroidery modes and is easy to use and import designs into. My only complaint is that I find it impossible to manually thread the machine for twin needle sewing. The automatic threading works perfectly, but you can only use it for a single thread, not the two threads needed for twin needle threading. The manual explains how to thread the machine manually, but I find it impossible. The thread has to be caught by something inside the machine, but I can never get it to catch. For this reason, much as I love the machine, I will probably look for another brand when I come to replace it.

Rating: 5 Stars Susan

I have had my 4000D for several years and I love it. It has been basically problem free. I make sure to keep it free from thread snarls, and clean. I own a variety of machines, and this is really my favorite machine for sewing as well as embroidery. I give it 5 stars with plus signs!

Rating: 5 Stars Deb

I have owned the Brother 4000D for just over eight years and it is one of the nicest machines I have had. All be it my first embroidery machine I absolutely love it. We don’t get babylock embroidery machines here hence we cant buy one. The only Babylock machines we get are the overlockers and they are amazing. I have owned Brother machines all my sewing life (over 20 years). My family have owned other machines and have oodles of issues with them. I wont go into them. I am looking at upgrading the software which I might add I can buy easily here. I am also looking at updating to a newer machine in the next couple of years and will be staying with Brother. I have tried out several other brands and none hold water to Brother that I have seen. Beautiful machines. :)

Rating: 1 Star ihateBrother

I have had nothing but problems with the Brother Duetta 4500. I send a letter to Brother whenever my machine brakes! It has gone almost one year without breaking 9 months. The longest sewing period i have had. With minimal use of machine. I cannot sew simple designs for 6 shirts for my company without tension tearing up or needle going thru the bobbin case!!! I think brother is 50/50 you get a good one or you get a bad one. From the reviews i have read those are your odds! Buy a professional 6=15 needle machine. Its your best bet. I know Babylock is the cadillac to the Brother chevette. They are made by same manufacturer with better parts. Have not seen any babaylock complaints. try that one if you cannot afford pro machine. May Brother get back what they have dished out!!! Hey while we are at it Betty boop sounds like she works for Brother. Be careful with the reviews if they really slam other brand names repeatedly they work for the company they are praising!

Rating: 1 Star ihateBrother

I have had nothing but problems with the Brother Duetta 4500. I send a letter to Brother whenever my machine brakes! It has gone almost one year without breaking 9 months. The longest sewing period i have had. With minimal use of machine. I cannot sew simple designs for 6 shirts for my company without tension tearing up or needle going thru the bobbin case!!! I think brother is 50/50 you get a good one or you get a bad one. From the reviews i have read those are your odds! Buy a professional 6=15 needle machine. Its your best bet. I know Babylock is the cadillac to the Brother chevette. They are made by same manufacturer with better parts. Have not seen any babaylock complaints. try that one if you cannot afford pro machine. May Brother get back what they have dished out!!!

Rating: 1 Star FAYE BUSBY

Worse embroidery machine i every owned,has been in shop 6 times since i have had it.Cost me hundreds of dollars.

Rating: 1 Star Em

This is my second 4000d . The first one had lose connections. This one has had the pic board replaced, the whole sewing end replaced, and will not recognize the large hoop in the middle of a project. Have been trying to that problem fixed for the last 2 years. Will never have another brother machine.

Rating: 2 Stars B

I recommend to never purchase any product that is literally impossible to obtain a service manual for. Why the big secret for an obsolete machine?
Our rarely used 4000D just locked up while my wife was doing a project, yes lots of work ruined.

Rating: 5 Stars Betty

Thank goodness you never bought a Husqvarna machine, they are terrible and they have to bring out a new model every couple of years to correct the faults, think how long the Brother 4,000 has been out and tried and tested all around the world. More of these machines have been sold than any other single machine

Rating: 4 Stars beth

I have been successfully using my 400D for years. I do my cd embroidery using an external cd drive, not a regular computer. Works well. Until today. I stitched out three designs last night. Got up this morning, decided to continue with my project, and it won’t recognize anything plugged into the USB port. I took my cd drive out, put a flash drive with some designs on it in its place, and it says it’s not plugged in. Tried turning the machine off and rebooting it, still doesn’t recognize the USB media. All cables are attached, everything is plugged in and on. Remember, I just stitched last night and all was well. nothing was moved or bumped, and today it won’t recognize what’s plugged into the USB port. Anyone else have trouble like this?

Rating: 5 Stars Bettyboop

I can’t believe some people had problems with their machines and I would send mine to Brother. They should run trouble free with any threads or bobbin thread and never need to use alternative bobbin case, plus they are so easy to use unlike any other machine on the market, Husqvarna and Bernina being the most troublesome and Janome so old technology it is a non started

Rating: 5 Stars catmom313

I just and update from my previous review that I wanted to let everyone know once you get your Brother 4000D sewing / embroidery machine upgraded to 3.2 version first to do this last upgrade which is Brother 4000/4000D Premium Package Upgrade II Exclusively for all Innov-is 4000/4000D machines that have been upgraded with the 4000D Premium Package I (v3.2). Add even more features to your top of the line machine. I had to get it through my dealer and it was quiet expensive $500.00 it was worth the upgrade. It gives you so many more new decorative stitches and even doing letters and you do names with the basic decorative stitches. It gives you a continuous border embroidery hoop. You can drop and drag designs on the navigation screen of your machine. Make sure you get it while they have it cause really it is an upgrade for the 4000D. They won’t have it long and this is the last upgrade for this machine. The 4000D is considered retired by brother for any software upgrades. This is a great upgrade. Remember you have to do the steps of upgrades first before you can buy this one. This website like link has it for $100.00 less and they are sold out fast! You have to watch when they have it in stock. I did not want to wait and ordered it from my local dealer. This upgrade is a must for this machine and well worth and you love what can do with the decorative stitches and great navigation features.

Rating: 5 Stars Bettypoop

Best machine on the market runs trouble free after 6 1/2 years 10 million on clock never had a problem, unlike Husqvarna and Bernina, my Husqvarna was so bad they brought out a new model 18 months after fixing the problems but never offered us a refit.

Rating: 4 Stars Totuccio

I’m an embroidery amateur, i’ve bought 4000D not brand new, it was used and 3 yrs old already.
Now it’s over 2 years i make patches for passion, my machine works perfect only if i use the right thread, the right needle for the material i need.
The only negative thing is the assistance, but this is an issue related to the dealer i have to deal with.
Since i maintain it by myself i’ve never got any working issue at all.
4 stars just because of the assistance.
As someone said, don’t buy expensive machine if you don’t know how to use.

Rating: 1 Star Mischell

PIECE OF CRAP MACHINE!!!! Wait, better than that, EXPENSIVE PIECE OF CRAP MACHINE! My machine has been in the shop for many issues from the day I took it out of the box (I tried returning within 30 days and Tidewater sew vac would not return my money!). I have had thread issues, computer issues and the newest issue is it will stitch along and then randomly jump to another part of the hoop and keep stitching…Tidewater sew/vac keeps telling me it is this or that…I think my machine was built on a Monday by someone who had a massive hangover!…..if you are thinking of buying this machine…get it in writing that you have a one year warranty, otherwise you will be just as frustrated as the rest of us…

Rating: 1 Star Kjones

I bought my 4000d new in 2007. I am very disappointed . I have had issues with thread shredding and breaking but the major problem is sewing/embroidering over thickness. It will not sew over 3 layers of fabric without skipping stitches. If I embroider over more than two layers of thread, it skips stitches and causes thread nests in the bobbin. I have the free motion quilting kit but there’s no way I can quilt with this machine. I have had it serviced several times and replaced the bobbin case but the problem persists. Thankfully I have a Babylock Ellageo3 that is a work horse. I will never buy another Brother machine.

Rating: 5 Stars thefabriccorner

I have had Brother machines for 13 years now. I own PR600, ULT2001, 4000d(with upgrade) 4500 and 1500Q. I have replaced the cutter on my 4000d and 4500. Sometimes I have issues on the 4000D with the embroidery, however it usually has to with thread quality and the right needle. I run 2 embroidery clubs and have an embroidery service in my shop so my machines are running all the time. I will never buy anything else and I also have 2 Vikings, 1 Bernina. I only rent those to customers for classes. I free motion quilt on both the 4000D and 4500 with no problems. Buy from a trusted dealer only and do your research on embroidery because it is not an exact science. Many times it’s the poor quality of the designs that cause many problems.

Rating: 5 Stars mugwa

I find the 4000d a excellent machine—one must use the correct thread,top and bottom,correct needle and correct bobbin case for embroidery. The tension is factory set for embroidery. The other bobbin case is used for other brands of thread. If the hole in the needle is too small it will twist and break the thread. Also another thing, put your embroidery thread on a stand, (get one made or buy from spotlight) place the stand an arms length away and run the thread from here. I have had three janome embroidery machines, and two brother embroidery machines—I still like my Bro. P.S. don’t Buy an expensive machine then put cheap thread in it.

Rating: 1 Star The Big Loser

I have had this machine for seven months. I have embroidered on it 7 times and it is on it’s 4th trip to get repaired again tomorrow. I am so disgusted with this machine and wish that I had never purchased this thing that you could probably call a piece of junk.
Don’t buy this machine because there is a good chance you will get stuck. Stay with Janome or some other brand.

Rating: 5 Stars Lillibet

I think with any tol machine you need local backup it is so important, I had a Bernina and Husqvarna but no local dealers and eventually sold them as I felt isolated, I bought a Brother 4,000 locally and can ask questions and go in there when I need to, the 4,000 has been the most reliable machine I have ever owned and the motorised threading wonderful.
Please, please try to try out a machine thoroughly before you buy and consider the software costs also.

Rating: 3 Stars Bernieop

Initially, I really loved my Innov-is 4000D. It produced great embroidery, but the more I use it, the more trouble I have with the tension. I have to lower the top tension to below 2 to get a half decent stitch, and even then, I have the bobbin thread showing on the top side. I always have to use the same thread in the bobbin as I use on the top. It takes a long time to do anything because I have to constantly change the bobbin. Another big problem is the bobbin thread getting globbed up in the bobbin case and then pulling on the fabric, ruining the design and the fabric. The bobbin thread comes off the bobbin in a mass. I’m very frustrated with the constant mess.

Rating: 1 Star awol

my wife had a 4000d from new (had only just come into the country) serviced every six months. suddenly during embroidery it kept coming up at 5000 stitches please reattach embroidery arm. so the whole machine was returned for back service when it came back it did the same thing so off it want again so 2 new circuit boards later it came back and guess what it did it again. so then they were supposed to have sent a new arm to us so that we could send our arm back for them to test. new arm never arrived. luckily for my wife our local janome dealer let us put our machine in part exchange for the new janome 12000 . all I can say is thank god for janome it is a fantastic machine with all the back up we could hope for. even I as a mere male can use it

Rating: 5 Stars Bettyboop

Been round the block bought and tried all the main manufacturers of machines and I can say categorically Brother are the very best, I never had a problem with a Brother, the others forget them.

Rating: 2 Stars embroideryfool

I am so glad to hear other people who had trouble with their Innovis 4000D machine. I thought it was just me. My dealer made me feel like a fool when I would take it in. I have gone through 3 bobbin cassings , thread nest,broken threads ,lockups and it chewing up my projects now I need a motherboard circurt and cannot get one. I am so fed up. But I have about $3,000.00 invested in PES patterns and hate to think that much money has been thrown away. Any know where I can get a motherboard?? I

Rating: 4 Stars Karen

I have had my 4000D for several years. I love it, its easy to use and very user-friendly. However, I have always had problems with the embroidery. I do alot of the tile designs from Anita Goodesign. I will get through almost the entire thing and then it will get sucked into the feed dogs and bobbin. I have this machine in for repair every couple of months. Its very finicky about thread and its almost impossible to use metallic thread in it at all. I also have a Janome SE 11000 and have never had these types of problems. Unfortunately, I love Winnie the Pooh and have to have my Disney designs. Anyone else have the problem with the embroidery getting pulled into the feed dogs?

Rating: 5 Stars Irish Stitcher

I had my Innov-is 4000D since 2007 and love it. I had a 1960′ish Brother that stright and zigzag and it never gave me a minutes trouble. My husband came home one night with a Brother SE 270D and I was thrilled with it. I had it at the dealers for a tune-up and when I went to pick it up I asked the Owner of Austin’s Sewing Center what it would cost to upgrade to something bigger. He was taking us down a row of machines when I saw the Innov’is 4000D. I stoped and said to my daughter that machine was the Mac-daddy of brother. Out of curiosity I asked how much it would cost to up grade to the Innov’is 4000D? The cost was high but after a dimo I was hooked. I have had very little trouble and the embroidery is beautiful and the stiches are wonderful. I have had too switch dealers for servicing as Austin Sewing Center was sold and they do not service Brother. I now take my baby to The Smooking Shop in Louisville, KY they sell and service all brands of machine. Billy thier repaire man is the best I have ever had. Take real good care of my Innov’is 4000D. As I am handicaped the Innov’is 4000D let me do so many things with the least amount of discomfort. I use it everyday and think God for it.

Rating: 2 Stars Fargund

I have had difficulty with the upper thread for some time now. Even using the Brother thread the top thread breaks and tangles. I have had the machine in three times now for repair. The last time the embroidery was all over the place, I wasted six aprons as the design would wander outside of the lines and made a real mess. When I took my machine in they said someone else had called with the same problem. My dealer told me not to use the canned air as it could damage the machine so go figure. I want my old 2000 back I hate this machine.

Rating: 4 Stars shelby

The bobbin case, yes replace the bobbin case! I have had mine for 2 years 4000D upgraded to 4500D and have to replace 2 bobbins, my dealer assures me if I use the 76/11 needles, this might stop the bobbin from being chewed up. I purchased mine used also and wouldn’t buy used again but would buy new. Thank goodness my dealer is very supportive and only charges me when I have it serviced 1x a year, if I haven any other issues (thread stuck between the tension rods ugh) chewed bobbin cases etc…. she doesn’t charge me for any labor. (SusanSewNVac) Anyway, I think its actually a user issue, I have a singer 350 I think Embroidery machine, used it for about a month, doesnt work worth a crap, packed it in a box where it sits!! It was on display so of coarse nothing I can do about it. Would do Brother all day long over singer!

Rating: 2 Stars shorthoneys

I purchased the Brother Innovis 4000D with the 4500 upgrade used with 2mil stitches. I have 8 mil stitches on the machine. I WOULD NOT recommend this machine to anyone! Of course it is easy to use when it works. I have also gone through broken bobbin cases and constant thread breaks. I had it serviced one month ago and now the top thread tension is so messed up it only stitches the bobbin thread. I have to bring it back it. This is such an unreliable machine! I never know what issue I’m going to have next. I use Isacord thread and Floriani stabilizers…all suggested by the dealer. It also takes a significant amount of time to load designs from a thumb drive to the screen. What ever you do, do not buy this machine!

Rating: 4 Stars catmom313

Update on the 4000D. After finding out from my dealer with any brother machine including the Innov-is 4000D is highly recommended to be using Brother Pace setter thread. after I had my first upper thread error message that would not cancel on the screen. My driving motor was damaged and my dealer said it could have been from the type of thread I was using? He highly suggested Pace setter thread is made for the tension of Brother machines. To avoid costly repair to use this brand thread. 2nd best is using Sulky brand thread. Stay away from Coats & Clark because it gets all twisty especially the their bobbin thread. Also make you are cleaning out the feed dogs on every project and also my dealer recommended taking some canned electronic air cleaner to blow any dust in the threader to get any caught or breakage thread out and dust. This avoid high cost of repairs. Also recommended to take your machine in to dealer 1x a year for cleaning and tuning the timing. These new computerized machines take much high maintenance than a mechanical machine. These little tips do work! Had to share with some other previous reviews that they are having so much trouble with repairs and one thing that can cause stitching and repair problems is not using the correct threads made for this machine. I have found even though Pace setter don’t carry such a variety of colors of embroidery threads my machine embroidery looks so much more even and no breakage, upper thread problems during my projects. Some of you that have trouble with stitching try these few things and take it to a dealer to get a tune up and cleaning. Complicated machines need authorized people to fix it. Make sure you are buying a machine from and authorized dealer by brother. I have been following this tip from my dealer and I have had no trouble since with upper thread errors on my machine.

Rating: 5 Stars Bettyboop

I had a 4,000d machine for nearly 6 years and foolishly sold it to be a Husqvarna Ruby machine, oh to get the Brother back, I will have to sell the Ruby at a loss if I want another Brother.
The 4,000d stitched anything and was never picky on threads and utterly reliable.

Rating: 5 Stars rickys19555panhead

i love this machine, started with 4×4 field machine, then bought 8000 and upgraded to 8500, the only things that get me is the bobbin case are costly and i have gone through several, i use the pink one as i do a lot of embroidery and use bobbin nylon thread, my one complaint is the cost of a tune up is more than on my BMW. BUT LOVE MY MACHINE! WOULD NOT TRADE MY 4000D.

Rating: 4 Stars catmom313

I bought the 4000D for my very first sewing embroidery and quilting machine used and I am second owner of this machine. One thing I found after a machine becomes Retired by Brother it gets difficult even the authorized dealers to get the upgrades you need. Like for instance I started with 1.00 I was able to upgrade from Brothers website so I could get to 2.03. In order for me to upgrade to 3.0 I have to buy the premium package upgrade CD. It was hard to find but I did find it through an on-line sewing website that still had some left and it included my upgrade to 3.2 instead of 3.0 so I would not have to download from brother website the upgrade to get me from 3.0 to 3.2. The next step is is I have to upgrade to 4.0 and have to find the premium package CD which is also for the Duetta 45000 new upgrade. It’s stupid that you can get it through your dealer but you can’t get it through an on-line retailer. This last upgrade 4.0 and then you are to go to Brother’s website and do another upgrade for 4.0 and it is suppose to upgrade you to 4.12 and the features are to be really nice! I found my machine has some nice features with stitch length nicer quilting foot with the 3.2 upgrade and the machine has some nicer editing in the window features and one thing that is really nice you can attach your USB mouse to the USB port and navigate the screen with a computer mouse and not have to use the pointer stylus or your fingers. The drop and drag editing for embroidery is nice feature with the 3.2 upgrade. I highly recommend you do this because you can’t miss any of them to get to the highest upgrade that the machine is allowed. You have to keep up with the upgrades as the machine ages or you will be Out of Luck and won’t be able to upgrade if they still have upgrades available on their website for a retired model. This my first machine and I could not afford it brand new and very happy with this machine embroiders so nice. The screen navigation is so easy to use. I did not think I would love the Disney designs but everyone loves them and family and friends will ask you to make them something using the Disney designs. The reason I chose a Brother machine over Janome memory craft 11000 is that they don’t have as many embroidery pattern extensions and I like the embroidery arm in front not in back of the machine. The Janome I thought was lacking on Software updates. Brother at least has upgrades available. Brother’s website is lacking is tutorials and on-line classes so you can self teach your self if you are too far from your local dealer to drive there for classes if they offer them. Janome do have on-line free classes through their website which is a cool feature. Still happy with my 2nd hand machine and I purchased my 2nd hand machine from an authorized dealer and he gave me 2 years free of service. I found out buying a second hand machine you must get one through a listed authorized dealers or you will have trouble finding a dealer that wills support your repairs. Many I asked and some will not even service your machine if you did not buy it from them. The don’t want to be liable if there continues to be problems with it. You can get them allot cheaper on-line but if you have to ship it back to the dealer or bought it from an owner on e-bay you can be stuck with some expensive repairs and nobody will fix it for you and end up being out lots of money. I do love the easy USB transfers of using a standard
Sandisk brand 1MB jump drive with the Brother where as Janome you have to use only their expensive USB Jump drive memory card to transfer by USB. I’m glad I chose Brother over the Janome Memory Craft 11000 for a used Innov-is 4000D. It’s definitely good for a beginner and of course the best part the self threader and automatic thread cutter when it is embroidering and changing position and colors. It is a heavy machine but I would not to be lugging it around without having a luggage case on wheels made by brother. What’s also nice is that with your package you get all the hoop sizes which most machines are lucky to give you the 5×7 and then you have to purchase the larger size for additional cost.
Innov-is 4000D was really expensive when it was new and the price for brothers are much higher cost than the Janome machine but then the Brother has so much more to offer in features standard. Make sure the upgrades get done. Can’t upgrade from 1.0 or 1.02 to 4.0 without the 2.3 and 3.0 upgrades.

Rating: 1 Star Denise

I bought my Brother Duetta 4500D in 2007 and have had nothing but issues with it so far. The most stitches i can sew at one time without taking to the shop is 80000. I have to have a new board, several new bobbins 8 to be exact and am having to buy more on a more frequent basis now! Brother customer assistance and the place i bought it from (chattanooga sewing machine, do not buy from them they could have sent it back and chose to lie about it), were absolutely no help. all the problems i was told was operator error. Brother will not take the machine back so i am going to every place i can with my issue and every sewing forum i can find to let people know do not buy this machine your chances of getting a good one is 50/50.

Rating: 5 Stars bobbie

I started with a Brother super galaxy over 20 yrs ago. Later went onto the 2000, then the 3000 and now have the 4000D. loved everyone of them. Honestly can’t think of anything I don’t like about it. Don’t do a lot of embroidery but have embroidered a design and name on so many towels for kids and this machine does them beautifully. Do a lot of dressmaking and this machine is fantastic for buttonholes, zips and straight sewing.

Rating: 5 Stars warbird

We have not had the machine long, have had a few teething problems along the way, I have to say that all have been caused either by me ‘going it alone’ or the use of cheap thread! The dealer ( we bought it from have been really great & informative throughout. The engineering in the machine is fantastic (I’m an aircraft engineer) We are also getting free lessons from our dealer & these really help to get the best out of the machine.

Rating: 1 Star TICH

I bought the Innovis 4000 in 2005. Have had nothing but trouble. Would like other users to contact me if they have had bad service from Amalgamated. They just give me the run around and have had my machine at their office for the past 4 years. Cannnot believe that I am the only person with a dud machine. 0711126202

Rating: 5 Stars perkorob

I absolutely love my 4000D. How could you go past the easy to manage screen. So big and shows you every step of the way as to what you are going to sew next in your pattern, which expecially beats all other machines. I’ve only had one problem with the bobbin case and that’s because I turned the wheel backwards and burred the top of the case which kept catching the thread. Always turn the wheel forward.

Rating: 1 Star Bev

I have had nothing but trouble with mine. Continually stuffing up breaking cottons and tangling bobbins etc. A piece of crap if you ask me. I should have stuck with Janome

Rating: 5 Stars jminkycat

This is my second emb machine. I love it except for the cost of replacement bobbin cases. my machine has over 8 million stitches on it. I just wonder how many people out their have put iin new bobbin cases. this machine is almost 6 years old and has had 6 bobbin cases including the ones that came with it I love the machine and use it exclusively for embroidery. It is very user friendly and I don’t think I would ever go to a different brand.

Rating: 4 Stars Bev

I purchased a high end Fauf embroidery/sewing machine years ago with all the symbols. While it was a good machine it was not user friendly. I found and purchased the Brother 4000D a couple of years ago. It is not only user friendly but comes with Disney designs and the wonderful automatic threading to boot. The Brother 4000D is a great machine. I have been happy I purchased the machine even though it was expensive:-)

Rating: 5 Stars Nora

I started with P-E 100 and bounced all the way to ULT2001 which I have had since 2001, Have an Innovis 4000D upgrade to 4500 too. Most of the problems I have had were fixable by cleaning and paying attention to what I was doing. I sold them at Quality Sew and Vac on the west coast along with Janome-Pfaff-Viking-Elna and bought the Brother every time. All this time I have had a companion, dedicated quilt machine, that I love also. The Viking. My 2 loves.

Rating: 5 Stars Peter

Have just purchased the machine after a dealer steered me towards the Innovis 900 which I purchased first. The 900 did not meet my requirements(damn that dealer).

I have been taking lessons on the 4000 and everything is so logical and the on screen tutorials are so great. I had no use for the Disney designs. I am using Embird software which works a treat with the machine .

I couldn’t be happier with my choice–Brother Innovis 4000 rocks.

Rating: 4 Stars Bev

Love the user friendly Brother 4000 D machine. I purchased the machine 4 years ago when they first became available on the market. I give Brother a thumbs up on this wonderful machine. I suggest a larger capacity for bobbin thread so it wouldn’t have to be changed so often.

Rating: 3 Stars Renee

This is the 5th time in the shop for my 2 year old Innovis 4000D. Always thread in the take up lever, which they say is causing it to just seize up!! UGGGGHHHH!! I have to say I love it when it’s working, but, every time I sew a new project, it costs me more money. Yes, I pull the thread from the bottom of the machine. So Sick of this!!

Rating: 5 Stars PEGGY

I purchased the 4000D approximately 4 years ago after having purchased the Viking Designer SE. I have also recently purchased the Janome 11000 which I am now still learning to use. I have to admit that I think the Brother Innovis 4000D would be the best choice for a new shopper. It is superior in so many ways. One thing of note is the automatic needle threader which the SE does not have. Also it’s ability to remember a pattern when you turn the machine off as well as it’s higher speed. In addition the Disney designs make it more appealing and that is probably another reason I enjoy using it.

Rating: 3 Stars

I am a die hard brother fan, not just with my sewing machine but printers, etc…. I received my first embroidery machine about 10 years ago as a gift from my sister and her family, did not get to use it until about 3 years ago and fell in love with it. Never had a problem one with it. I then upgraded to a 2500D which was for sure a lemon… they replaced it and let me upgrade to a 4500D (at an additional cost to me) That one has been fantastic for me but has been in the shop a few times but I have over 21 million stiches on it, I also have a 4000D and both have been in the shop recently, my 4500D I just got back and tried to do a project with it today, but it doesn’t work… so back to the shop it goes… I love how ABC 123 easy they are to use…

Rating: 4 Stars Carol

I love my machine 4000D I had some small problem but they were corrected. The only thing I find is there no place that offer classes or any continue trainning like
the other machine company. I live in New York Long
Island area. They show you how to use it and than you
on your own.

Rating: 3 Stars kate

I had a Janome 11k which I traded in for the 4000D. Big mistake! I should have known this but chose to ignore it because I had a brother years back which although was basic, was inferior to the comparable janome even then. I am going back to Janome and have lost a lot of money but know it will be worth it. There are too many bells and whistles, the worst being having to use two separate bobbin cases. The screen is not so clear as the janome either. However if you haven’t been able to make a comparison of the stitch sew out and buy the machine for all the capabilities it has (no guarantee that they will work properly) I would think long and hard which is more important to you.

Rating: 1 Star Patti

I got the 4000d embroidery machine brand new when it came out 4 years ago. It was the biggest mistake I have ever made. It has had 3 embroidery arms replaced. A new mother board , and constant problems with the tention, and it freezes up a lot. It was very expensive and it is at brother right now waiting to be repaired. This is the third time I have had to send it to Brother to be repaired. I would never buy another brother again. Its a very infurrier product.

Rating: 4 Stars Angie

I had a 3000D and have just upgraded. I am told that the stitch cutting is correct at a setting of 25mm and not 10mm as my old one. It is giving me problems with pickup at the back.
Has anyone else had this problem?

Rating: 5 Stars audrey

My 4000D is the best purchase I ever made. Possibly the second love of my life! Have had it for 3 years now. It was easy to learn to use it ~ with the on screen help. I enjoy being able to create so many things. The PES software has widened the capabilities and am now able to create some of my own designs. So many people have asked for special items. There are so many freebie patterns on the internet.

It did cost a lot, but has been well worth it.

Rating: 5 Stars Jeanne

I’ve owned and used this machine since it came out and I still love it. I have upgraded to version 4 with the endless hoop recently, and plant otry that feature in the next couple of weeks.

I previously owned the 2003D which was also a great machine, but the ability to use thumb drive, truly automatic threading and cutting jump threads got me. I love my Innovis 4000D

Rating: 5 Stars Melba Winterton

Things I like: I didn’t have to buy an embroidery reader/writer box because I can connect by USB or memory stick. The manual is nice. The automatic threader and thread trimmer is great. Large and colored LCD touch-screen is fantastic - it allows on-screen editing of monograms, decorative stitches and designs plus it displays lots of helpful information. The sewing/embroidering speed is amazing and let’s me finish my embroidery projects much faster. Extra large embroidery field with included set of hoops that range to very small to very large. Large selection of included stitches and embroidery designs. Oh and of course, the Disney designs and the right to use them.

What I don’t like: It’s so expensive! I can’t take it easily to class because it’s too heavy, but this is really not the machine’s fault at all. I think the weight helps to keep the machine stable at high speed.

Rating: 5 Stars Helena

It was a tough choice for me choosing between Husqvarna Viking Designer SE or the Brother Innov-is 4000D. Both are high-end machines with all the bells and whistles you could possible want. In the end I chose the 4000D because the Brother dealership here was more responsive to my endless questions and babbling. Hey, these machines costs 1,000s that I don’t have lying around so you bet I’ll have questions! To tell you the truth, both machines are awesome, but of course mine is better ;) The Disney designs are great for me because I have a lot of little ones to give them out to and they love them. It’s funny their parents always say I should get in the business of selling Disney garments to which I always reply with a LOL. I always gotta explain how I would get in so much trouble if I did so. I briefly explain the copyright and licensing issue and they just look at me funny o_O

Rating: 5 Stars fran

I shopped around extensively before deciding to buy a Brother. I like the feel of their machines more so than other brands like Husqvarna and Singer. Also after doing more research, I was happy to find out that most of the free embroidery designs available on the Internet are in PES format. This embroidery file format is what Brother machines use natively so that was a big plus. After all the shopping around and researching I made up mind and made the purchase and I’ve been happy ever since :-)

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