Brother PR-600II

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Rating: 5 Stars Marge

After years of using single-needled home machines it was time to upgrade. I have been dreaming of this machine, like, forever. I still couldn’t believe I bought this machine when I woke up the next day. It was a great feeling like a kid on Christmas morning :)

The major feature of the PR600II is of course, the six needles. For those new to embroidery, this means I do not have to re-thread the machine for every color change. This means I can set the machine and go outside to attend to my garden and the machine will finish the design on its own! It trims the thread between color changes as well as jump stitches! If you have a home machine you’d know how tiresome it is for designs with lots of jump stitches. It’s the little things this machine can do that makes me love it even more.

The machine is tubular so I can embroider baseball caps easily unlike home machines. I can also embroidery other things too that would have been very difficult with home machines.

I also adore its size–it’s very portable and can be moved anywhere be it for business or otherwise. The control panel is large and colorful which is fantastic as I’m used to a small, black & white LCD screen.