Baby Lock Embroidery Professional (BMP8)

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Rating: 3 Stars ZsaZsa

Of all of the folks here reviewing the BMP8 is there anyone willing to do a Skype session with myself and my sister? we bought the machine 2nd hand and with on 1300 plus stitches. We can read but we are tactile learners… WE really don’t want this to be money thrown away. We went to our local baby Lock dealer and because we didn’t buy the machine from them the class will be $500plus( I quite listening after $500), then she went on to say the machine is old and no updates (again I quit listening) and blah blah blah. I am including my email address in the event someone feels sorry for 2 crazy girls who did not know they were as crazy as they are… Thank you

Rating: 5 Stars Donna Watkins

I bought two embroidery machines and a serger at the same time. The BMP8 6 thread embroidery machine is the only machine that didn’t spend all its time in the shop. Out of the 3 machines the serger spent 5 out of 6 months in the shop and finally is being replaced by the manufacturer after the 3rd burned motor. I have sewn on the machine about an hour each time before the motor burned up. This is a professional serger! Today I finally got a new one and I can’t wait to play with it. The BMP has been in the shop once and it apparently was a software glitch. It suddenly reads the frame size incorrectly and tries to stitch outside the frame. A quick restart fixes this and the new update is supposed to correct it. I haven’t installed it yet. I love the BMP8. It is what they claim. The beginning of the professional machines. The only negative was that I got no software with the machine. I spent about $10,000 on the machine, hoops including extra hoop sets, thread and necessary other supplies. Then I looked at software and tried some less expensive ones. YOU NEED an expensive software package to make it worth your while. BUY a GOOD software package and you will be a lot happier.

I love the BMP8 and if I could buy another machine I would buy another one. Oh, by the way the BROTHER and BABYLOCK are the same exact machine. Don’t let anyone tell you they are different because they only difference is the name plate on the machine.

Rating: 1 Star Ali

I bought my machine new back in the fall of 2008. It has been in the shop more than I have had it at home. The thread bounces out of needle when the wiper cuts it to move. I am taking it back Monday for the last time. New machine or money back.

Rating: 4 Stars Pat

It is me again. After a week…the machine is running great but the support is not good. As long as I use the tall thread cones, it works wonderful but when I use the madeira short spools, when the machine cuts the tails, the thread springs out of the needles and I have to re-thread the needle! Call for help from the store I got the machine from and was told this happens when the thread is sprin too tright on the spool. Asked how to correct it….said to go buy another spool of thread and not use the other one on the BMP 8. When I asked…well, how do you know if you are buying a spool that is winded too tight? You don’t, it is just the luck of the pick. Has anyone else hear of this?

PS. I was not using a cheap brand of thread.

Rating: 5 Stars Pat

Just got a BMP8 and love it! So simple to operate!

Rating: 5 Stars Darleen

This semi-commercial machine is like the Brother’s six-needle machine. I demoed both machines extensively and decided to go with Baby Lock not because the machine is necessarily better, but because I got a better deal. So the price made all the difference for me.

I already have a home machine but I’ve outgrown it through the years. It is much too limiting for me since I embroider mostly large designs now in that have many color changes. Imagine embroidering the same complex design over and over and over again! Waiting around and changing threads zaps my energy and therefore productivity takes a hit. It gets really really boring after a while! With 5 extra needles on standby, I can relax and enjoy. Oh, at 1,000 stitches per minute things do get done quicker. I don’t use the max speed though. It can also do caps! I have no need for that at this time but it’s nice to know it’s ready when the time comes.

The BMP8 is light relatively speaking and can be taken anywhere. It fits nice at the back of my van. I’ve already taken it to craft shows and flea markets and it’s just a joy to work with. I’ve not found a thing to complain about yet except that it would be even nicer with more than six needles :-)

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