Baby Lock Ellegante (BLG)

Average Rating: 3.4 out of 5
Number of Reviews: 56
• Positve: 35
• Negative: 26
Rating: 4 Stars Sunnee

I got an ellegante BLG used from an estate sale… very reasonable price… I am a beginner and I must say huge learning curve… I took private lesson and am doing better.. But I have only just begun.. some problems with the robin but I got new robin case and it seems to have resolved… I look forward to learning more and enjoying my Babylock Ellegante

Rating: 4 Stars Dave4carole

I bought my Ellegante3 used and the only problem I find is that the hoops are way too loose and I have not found any that would work better. Wish it had the metal lock things instead of the plastic band that hooks on the embroidery attachment. Would be easier to replace.

Rating: 2 Stars htuna2

I have been sewing for about 50 years and had purchased a Viking in 1975. Since then I became interested in embroidery and I purchased my Ellegante 2 in 2012 (now 2017) at an embroidery event at my local store. I was so thrilled ($5k) thinking I was getting a top-of-the-line machine. Boy, was I wrong. Babylock/Brother did not continue with this needle threading system for a reason, it was a design flaw.

This machine has made my embroidery hobby very expensive. I have had many ruined projects and some that should have taken an hour turned into 4 or 5.

Even sewing with this monster has frustrated me because the fabric keeps sliding to the left instead of being pulled straight into the feed dogs (yes, I tried adjusting the pressure foot pressure). If I have to sew anything, I use the claw method (steer fabric with left hand to keep it from drifting). Other strange things that have happened is when I wanted to select the straight stitch middle position and it wouldn’t go there. I think you have to use the speed control to adjust it. I was told to save it as a favorite. Guess dealer didn’t know about that setting either.

I have had times when there was thread wrapped around the needle bar in big wads and it would not sew (of course repair person said it was my fault), birds nests, shredding thread, not wanting to thread the needle plus the processor in this is very slow when loading designs off a flash drive. I have about 1.9 million embroidery stitches on it.

I dread having to use it. The latest situation was when the thread broke and I had no choice but to pull it out the top. Rethreaded and when I hit the threader, the shaft as it tried to thread the needle got stuck in the down position knocking off the needle threader and had to go in for repair. All this and I only wanted to sew in a zipper. The repair person decided to clean it (did not request that) so I am in about $150. Very expensive zipper installation. Had to get the old Viking out to complete the task.

Rating: 1 Star Lee

I too have had this machine in for repairs more times than I care to count. I bought this new, and the first year it was great, but then when I began to experience oroblems, they just didn’t stop. The dealership has been very understanding and the repairs have been mostly covered at no charge, but it is frustrating to be in the middle of a project, and have something go wrong, Is it salvageable after repairs are made, or do I get to throw it out? I love making things for my family and this is a hobby, but I’m glad I don’t have a business where I would be dependent on the machine operating .

Rating: 5 Stars Cindy

when i first got the Ellegante 2, i hated it, yes all the thread problems existed. but it was me. i didnt know the differences between thread and needles and fabric. all the problems were my fault. once i learned more about thread, needles and fabric, i love love love this machine. have had no problems at all.

Rating: 4 Stars Jan

I love my elegante and just bought a Destiny. It was a class machine. Haven’t had it long, so still learning. What is the price of this machine with embroidery module?

Rating: 2 Stars Aren

I have the same problem as many others with bobbin tangling and thread fraying. It does embroidery well, rarely have a problem but it is a terrible sewing machine. Stitch quality leaves a lot to be desired no matter how you adjust the machine. I spend more time detangling and rethreading than sewing. I’m stuck with this over priced lemon. I see a lot of comments that advise yadayada on thread type, stabilizers etc…but honestly that hasn’t got much to do with regular or specialty sewing…I HATE the hoops that come with the machine. To do even decent monogramming you will have to spend more on software, doesn’t do much out of the box..It does have nice features for embroidery with the cutter and such, but my Janome was a better value and performed more reliably. I’m so frustrated with the software nonsense that I’m just not going to buy another Babylock machine, ever. This machine was a very expensive mistake. When it works, its a dream, but its SO fussy that the nightmares are worse. I was better off with a stand alone embroidery machine and a reliable sewing machine. This machine is supposed to be able to sew heavy fabric, but you will throw things before you get it running correctly. Buyer BEWARE! I am going to have to get support from Babylock since I’ve been forced to upgrade my laptop to Windows 10 and that machine doesn’t have a DVD drive…not looking forward to that ordeal at all, this model is discontinued so I’m sure they don’t want to help with it. I am looking at open source software because I’m just tired of the proprietary programs and all the maintenance and “upgrades” not to mention the sticker shock.

Rating: 5 Stars Julie B

I purchased my Ellegante 3 from a lady who insisted it did not work and bunched up threads. I took it in and they couldn’t find an issue as to why the thread would keep bunching up. So I took it home threaded it with Madeira thread and it has purred like a kitten ever since. The dealer told me some people thread it with the wrong type of thread (Babylock recommends Madeira) and it starts to loop around the threader. You also have to “floss” the thread in to make sure you are catching it on the thread guide in the first place. I have never had an issue with it and find it to be an amazing machine.

Rating: 2 Stars Sherrie

yes I agree my Ellegante is very tempermental I loved my Janome wish I had kept it the thread breaking is anoying the thread jaming is frustrating it has to be slowed down to try to keep it from doing these things BUT I have found that it does like Hemingworth thread you canput the 1000m thread on the thread holder & it works better than any other thread so I am trying to find a software that ill adjust the thread count so it does not klump up anymore next one will be a Janome again

Rating: 2 Stars Digimama

I bought this less than 2 months ago, used, at a sewing and vacuum store, and while in my 1st class, the button holer didn’t work and the possessed machine started sewing in reverse. The stitches were uneven and the instructor couldn’t get the blind hem to work. A loud “clunk” brought it out of reverse only, but then everything else started to fail. I was asked immediately if I bought the service plan… wow, really? I didn’t think it would die before I took my first class. Anyhow, it is in the shop now and I am scared that in 2 months this will happen again. I paid $2,000 for the BLG Orig. Model, and am afraid I got a lemon. I may be forced into trading it in for a newer model, which I cannot afford. That being said, the features are great, if the machine worked.

Rating: 5 Stars tialynn

I have had my Ellegante since 2006 and LOVE IT. Well except for the large hoop which makes me crazy. I have only ran Sulky thread through mine but may try other brands.

Rating: 1 Star Anonymous

I don’t want to put my name on this because I have read all of the other things everyone has said. I to contacted Babylock and voiced my opinion, and I feel like Babylock has created a monster Ellegante, because Ihave one and and I too experienced all of the same problems as the other people, and Babylock has in so many words, told me the dealer had bent over backwords for me and they trusted everything she said. So, I guess Babylock just invented the ellegante, and are making a ton of money at the consumers expense. My money I had work for for a long time and I really feel Babylock and the dealers that will not admit to their customers there is a problem, and I feel Babylock and the bad dealers that are living hi on the hog from this should have to refund all this money, or take responsibility and replace this model. I am not happy, but I know this piticular machine is nothing but a lemon. Face up Babyllock, please and at least refund the purchase pricr of each of these machines, mine included. I hope you don’t sell another machine without doing this. MC

Rating: 5 Stars Judy

I’ve had my machine for many years now…. It is the original Ellegante and runs awesome. Unfortunately I decided to bring it into place that SAID they clean the babylock machines, mine included. Got it back and now it’s broke…. So they gave me my money back and I have someone else looking at it. Told this person I’ll bring it to where I bought it if he feels he cannot fix it. It comes up with an error code and won’t go any further. More disappointed in myself thinking I could get it cleaned by a dealer who said they could do it. Lesson definitely learned… But still LOVE my machine…. Can’t wait for it to come home!!

Rating: 5 Stars KYLE


Rating: 2 Stars Marcia

I have had my Elegante 3 since April 2014 (4 months). The threader only works about 1 in 10 times. The cutter does not work at all. Dealers is trying to say perhaps the design does not have the proper code to trigger the jump stitch to cut. I used a built in design … same result. Does not cut at the end of a color either. I am about in tears. I had a Brother for 18 years and I have friends with BabyLock. So I spent the $5,000. If this ever gets worked out it will be a great machine because it does have some wonderful features. For now, I have to advise anyone thinking about the Elegante3 to think again.

Rating: 2 Stars me

I would have rated higher if I had been talking to babylock sooner, but I feel the dealer let me down. I have the ellegante and I bought the upgrades and I have had better luck in stating my problem to Babylock directly than getting help locally. The staff that works there are great but the owner has an ego that is not my cup of tea. I will have to go with the people that are unhappy. I paid almost 5000.00 and I am not a happy camper. I didn’t use my email address because babylock knows who I am. I just shouldn’t have been so stupid. I know lots of people that have other models and they are great.I hate to be so unkind bust the dealer is as bad to me as the people that make the machine. I think if they would have to give the people the money in on a newer embroidery machine people might not be so unhappy. I don’t know. I have made the dealer mad and I feel sure it want be the last time.

Rating: 5 Stars Stella

I love my Ellegante. Have had it for over 5 years.I use it for embroidery. one trick I know is NEVER pull your thread out from top. Cut then slowly pull from the needle.Keep bobbin area clean. I use special bobbin thread (recommended by Babylock) and only Robison -Anton thread. The features I like are automatic threading, automatic trimming of jump stitches, very large embroidery field, and ease of transferring designs through usb.I have not yet learned everything I should know but anyone will love this machine. Hate Bernina’s self threading(it’ does not work ) If you have trouble with computers or threading a needle THIS IS THE MACHINE TO GET. Anyone will find it easy to operate.I found mine locally on craigslist for a fraction of a new one and it’s still going strong.I get all the designs I will ever need from Embroidery Library and Sonia Showalter. No need for using embroidery cards.Super easy transfer from computer to machine.No need for expensive software.Only attachments I purchased were a ruffler and a foot with side cutter(works like a serger). Love the seam binding foot and the cording foot. Made ruffle vanity skirts, placemats with ease. Just takes practice. NO machine is perfect Viking is hard to thread and Bernina is way over rated and over priced. Come on, you can get a car for the cost of a Bernina and do you really want to spend that much on a sewing machine.Pfaff is not graet for me. Only complaint I have is the Exclusive Nancy Zieman designs leave a lot to be desired.I love my machine.

Rating: 2 Stars Pattyk999

I’m so disappointed with my new ellegante 3! I paid over $5000. for this machine. For that kind of money, it should successfully thread the needle more than 1 out of three attempts! The thread constantly breaks! It took me 4.5 hours to complete an embroidery pattern that was “supposed” to take 46 minutes! I’ve tried using Madeira thread, Robison Anton, Sulky,among just a few and they ALL break. And with this machine, constant thread breakage requires re-threading! UGH! I cannot even manually thread it if I want to, the machine only can thread. I had a Brother 1250D, which cost about $1500 and it performed better than this machine! I wish the Company would stand behind their product and/or have some type of lemon law like we do for automobiles.

Rating: 2 Stars Taffspride

I paid nearly four thousand dollars for my Ellegante in 2009. Since I have had it, it has been in for repair on numerous occasions. The upper thread frays and breaks, needles break, sewing is not smooth. I bring it home from the shop and it embroiders OK for one or if I am lucky two items. Then it is back to square one.

Telling the customer that the thread, fabric, needle or stabalizer they use is not right, its extremely disconcerting, and downright insulting.

I have had my Pfaff 1471 since they came out in the mid 80’s and sold many of them when I was working in the business. I have never had any problems whatsover with it, It is still my workhorse even though it does not embroider.

Would I recommend a Babylock machine? not at all, the next machine I buy will be another Pfaff.

Rating: 2 Stars Archimedies

Purchased Ellegante II in July 2010 three years almost to the date. The brass bearing the runs the thread uptake lever siezed. Could not turn the hand-wheel. Into the dealer for service. After returning home machine displays message to secure hoop locking lever. The lever was locked into position. This happened off-and-on then appeared to be okay. Now embroidery unit loses center coordinates during stitchouts. Design stitches all over the hoop. Crashed into hoop and broke needle. Tried multiple designs all to no avail. Then tried largest hoop machine cannot center. Off to repair again……Bernina here I come for my next machine.

Rating: 5 Stars Vickie

I bought my Ellegante 2 used just for the embroidery, and I’m having a ball with it !! I have a Baby Lock 6 needle and a Janome 10001 and although the 6 needle stitches out so professional, I still have to give the Ellegante 5 Stars for the ease of use and the quality it puts out. I like the bigger hoops and the bed better than the Janome. I would highly recommend this embroidery machine.

Rating: 2 Stars Fabricjunkietoo

While I like the machine enough, I just paid nearly $500 to replace the automatic threader on the machine. It broke (and the machine would not sew) and threw off the timing of the machine. I LOVE my dealer and repair person. His comment, when I brought it in was, “Wow. I’ve never seen one of these break before”. It took nearly 5 weeks for him to get the part from Babylock. And of course, it was not a warranty repair. I think I would have been better off with a Bernina. :-(

Rating: 1 Star Brenda Sutter

I bought this machine brand new from a reputable dealer, it has been in for repair 30 times in 3 years, repeated problems, which continue to be repaired. Thread cutter stops working, upper thread winds around bobbin causing tears in fabric, numerous other repeated problems, Ruined numerous articles, Babylock wont do a thing about it, and once the warranty is over, its my problem. I wouldnt recommend this machine to anyone!! I have been round and round with Babylock, finally got an exchange, and it is in worse shape than mine was!!! Wouldnt give you 2 cents for this machine. Dealer didnt step up to the plate either to help me with any of it. Done with Babylock, and done with Fenton Sew n Vac too.

Rating: 3 Stars Diana

I wouldn’t give it 3 stars except for my fantastic dealer, salesperson and repairman. I have had all the problems mentioned some of them multiple times. The machine is finicky!! I have had also many operator errors especially learning about stabilizers..
Most frustrating
Cutters stop working.
Thread frays, upper that is, both good thread and old.
Bobbin thread shows on top and top thread bunches on the bottom
I take it in and it is fixed and soon one of the above happens again.
I am interested in trying the suggestion above re tugging on the upper thread to seat it correctly,heck I,d try voodo if it would help.
The machine does have so many pluses that the fact that a simple embroidery pattern may not be Abel to be completed is vey wasteful and depressing.

Rating: 1 Star susan

Cannot use the machine with an insert as camnot see or use the controls at the botto,, had to cut away the insert. Now every thing fall into the opening and since I just had back surgery I have to use grabber. I have just had the gown I am making get caught in the feet, so before I take it apart I found this site to tell everyone how stupid I was to listen to the dealer 9who did not realize that this machine could not use an insert neither did anyone at the company.

Rating: 2 Stars Nancy

I have had my Ellegante 2 for almost 4 years, the first 6 months fine, however since then it has been in the shop more than at home. Sometimes it lasts a few weeks, sometimes 1 hour. I have problems with everything, the embroidery unit has not worked for over a year. I use all the top of the line thread, bobbins, etc. still problems all the time. Right now it is dead in the water and will not sew at all…anything. Thank goodness I had the gold plan for repairs the first two years. I’m so upset by this machine and the co. they have been NO HELP AT ALL. I have been sewing for 40 + years and am very experienced but this machine has tried my last nerve! I will not ever own a Baby Lock again! You expect better for $5000. + on a machine! Very dissapointed!

Rating: 1 Star Janet

I have had my Ellegante 2 for almost three years, and feel it was the worst mistake I ever made. When embroidering, the upper thread constantly shreds. I have tried different brands of thread, different needles, adjusted the tension, etc., etc., but nothing works. I use all Florani stabilizers, and have attended two seminars, so feel I am stabilizing correctly. Contacted Babylock, what a joke their response was. I will say when using it as a straight sewing machine, it does wonderful, but I purchased it for the embroidery. Will never, never, ever buy another Babylock.

Rating: 5 Stars Miriam

I have had an Ellegante for about 4 years and have loved it. I found that the only threads I can use are: Robinson-Anton, Madiera and Sulky. Coats & Clarks and my DMC, break. I am not fond of the Embroidery fonts, because they don’t have an underlaying stitching, but that can be remedied by buying a new software program–just need to decide which one. All in all, I have loved my Ellegante for embroidery.

Rating: 5 Stars SS

I have greatly enjoyed my Ellegante, and I find it much more user friendly than other brands. If you are having trouble with your prewound bobbins, use the bobbin pin that is included with your machine. The have only recently started making prewounds that fit the newer machines without the pin. Your dealer should have made you aware of this in class.

Rating: 2 Stars Kelly

Got my Ellegante 2 in ‘09 at the Martha Pullen School of Art Fashion. I have had to trash soooo many projects because of the upper thread constantly breaking! It is stressful and has made my hobby into more of a chore. It’s really bad when the projects are for someone else who is paying me to do a job. They don’t blame the machine, they blame me. I have wasted countless hours rethreading, troubleshooting, and google-ing for help. really disappointed and discouraged :(

Rating: 5 Stars Trixie

These machines have a good track record in our area, highly due to our local dealer being a good one! I have had mine for over a year and the only problem I had was with the cutter slipping back too far, once this was fixed, works like a charm. Many times the problem people have is with not stabilizing properly. There are many tutorials online for proper stablizing- My Ellegante 2 has been through many projects with me… the latest being a large basketball themed baby quilt with an appliqued jersey with Daddy’s highschool number and a bright green applique Chuck tennis shoe! Take some time out to learn the stabilizing tricks, and keep this machine serviced once a year ( you wouldn’t let your car go three years without an oilchange and drive very far!)

Love it!

Rating: 5 Stars cindy

I love, love, love my machine. I have had it about 1 and a half years. I bought it before I went to work in a store that sells Pfaff and Vikings. After I went to work there, they started selling Babylocks. I, therefore, have worked on selling all these brands. There is not a perfect machine. There are Vikings and Pfaffs that have trouble, too. A whole lot of the trouble is user issues. (Having said that, it almost always turns out that when I have problems, it works out to be MY fault, too. Sometimes, when I find out what I did wrong, I feel so silly.) Most people will need classes. And, I am not just talking about the basic lessons that you get when you buy a machine. I am talking taking classes where you make a project with a teacher and a group of students. You really learn a lot that way. And, folks, you should have some of the better books around to get you out of trouble. I like Nancy Zieman’s Beginning Machine Embroidery, Machine Embroidery on Difficult Materials, and the Sulky Machine Embroidery Books. I call these my “Bibles” of machine embroidery. Keep them close to the machine. You will be glad you did!

Rating: 4 Stars Dee

Overall I love my Elegante2, however, have had some problems with the thread jamming around the bobbin and in the feeddogs. The girls at Missouri Sewing said i needed to push the cutting blade back in as it might not go back in automatically. Well, you can guess what a bear that was with an embroidery design going and it did this. (Ugly words!) After being in the repair shop, and working and watching it work for two days; Mark, at Missouri Sewing suggested that the problem is in the upper thread not going through the path correctly. He suggested that before running a new color thread, with presser foot raised, gently tug the upper thread, it should pull freely; then lower the presser foot and tug this thread again gently; with the presser foot down you can tug and after about an inch it will catch. This step assures that the thread is in the tension path correctly. I brought it home completed four towel designs for my grandkids, and two “dressy” ones for the guest bathroom all without a hitch. So hopefully, those of you having issues will get some help wtih this suggestion. Because other than this issue, I LOVE THIS MACHINE!!!! Happy sewing.

Rating: 5 Stars Ann

I love, love, this machine! So far, any of the errors have been mine with the learning curve. I do not know what to say about those problems mentioned above. I admit that at a store that carries Viking and Pfaff. I have seen (apparent) lemons there as well as (apparently) abused machines by owners. It is a tough call from the retail end. It looks like to me that some of the problems above have been from dealers that are not that great. Anyway, I just wanted to say that the other machine brands have problems here and there, too, but I have not personally experience these difficulties and I still love my Babylock.

Rating: 5 Stars Barbara

I have owned Babylock machines since 1995 and have loved everyone I have owned. I now have the Ellegante and took it home thinking I could just start using it without classes. Big mistake… I was afraid I had really messed up but after the taking the class on the machine, I realized the mistake was me thinking I could run this machine that had tripple if not more the functions of any machine I have ever owned.

Since taking the class and learning this machine is sensitive to the thread used and when I want to change tread to another manufacturer, I need to call the service department where I bought the machine and find out if I can use it.

Rating: 1 Star sewnsew

I have sewn for 40 years. I have owned many different brands of machines. And by far Babylock is the worst! The head office in Missouri stated that they have NO liablity for the machines they manufacture because they sell the machines to the dealer and the dealer then sells the same machine to the public. SO WE ARE BUYING USED MACHINES AT A NEW PRICE. And with no REAL warranty! I can see a class action suit won with little effort. I was not notified at my time of purchase of any of this. The dealers are either not trained enough to correct the problems or they only wear you down to buying another machine. I will never do business with Babylock or Brother again, and I will make sure to spread the word about their motto of zero customer service and zero liablity. Oh yeah by the way, I had a Babylock repair person break my embroidery unit by adjusting it so wrong it was shaving off plastic as it embroideried finally the pressure broke the plastic around the screw at the end of the unit!!! Babylock told me to take it back to the person who broke it?!

Rating: 2 Stars threadkitn

I have had my Ellegante for almost 3 years. It has been in the repair shop an average of 4 times per year. The problems I have had are about the same as others have described. Thread breakage, bobbin jams, working for 3 or 4 hours and back into the shop. Now, it will sew a few stitches and stop. No warnings on the screen…it just stops. It is miserable to try to sew out an embroidery pattern. Now it is stopping even when I am straight stitching. Very frustrating as I am not a novice seamstress. I must give my dealership high marks because they have been very helpful and supportive. A wonderful place for classes and sewing clubs. The repair shop has gotten backlogged lately however and it takes 10 days to 2 weeks to get it back. Too many broken ellegantes!

Rating: 5 Stars Annie T.

I have had an Ellegante for over 2 years. I use Madeira thread and also a recommended thread to create my normal size bobbins - because the pre-wrapped do not work well with this machine. If I use pre-wrapped bobbins, I cut the speed on the embroidery to try to prevent the snarls and snags I have been reading about. The people who sold me the machine contacted me about the use of pre-wrapped bobbins and also gave me spools of thread. I guess I must be fortunate. I have it cleaned and maintained and it works worderfully. My only new problem seems to be Windows 7 and the lack of compatibility between softwares.

Rating: 1 Star trudy a. pankratz

i bought my ellegante two years ago. started out fine and just this year it has been in the shop more then here at home. the only repair man remotely close to me works only tuesdays and thursdays. he had it six weeks and i brought it home and after about four hours it started to unravel underneath - ruined my project. took it in and he had it four weeks. i brought it home and after about four hours it started to unravel underneath - ruined my project. took it in and he had if five weeks and replaced the whole bobbin case. brought it home and after about four hours same thing - ruined my project. this is saturday and i have to wait till tuesday just to take it in. can’t afford to trade or buy another machine. should have a lemon clause.

Rating: 2 Stars Diane

I’ve had my Ellegante about 4 yrs. It is touchy to put it mildly. I’ve ruined (or should I say) it has ruined more projects than I can count. The upper thread wraps around the bobbin case and pulls it out. Have had it serviced and fixed by two different dealers, they say when it leave the shop, it is just fine but after sewing about 20 hrs, it’s back to it’s old self. Right now I am having to sew my granddaughters new dress on my little workhorse, Brother 8200 that I bought new years ago. It rarely disappoints me. I am so sorry I bought the Ellegante.

Rating: 1 Star Jana Zee

I have been embroidering for a few years with a bernina which I love. I bought the elegante 2 6 months ago because of the larger embroidery field. I have had it in to be serviced 5 times already all for the same problems only to be told the machine is fine. The thread breaks all the time, doesn’t matter if it is rayon or poly. the top thread wraps around the bobbin and pulls the bobbin and feed dogs up. Usually ruining my project in the process. The auto threader is great when it wants to work. I will be trading this one in before the warranty is up. This is suppose to be a fun hobby to relieve stress not cause it!

Rating: 1 Star Judy McNeece

I purchased my Ellegante2 in 2009 and have had nothing but trouble with it. The thread freys ( I use GOOD thread), I have to constantly rethread it. Now I am having trouble with the bobbin case, it sews well for a time and then all of a sudden the needle and thread gets stuck in the bobbin case and the force pulls the project out of the hoop and as you know you can’t continue the pattern. I can’t tell you how many projects found the trash can. I paid a lot of money for this machine. I think I purchased a LEMON!!!!!!!!

Rating: 2 Stars Hebrontrader

I love to embroider, but can’t seem to find a machine that will work. I have a Babylock Ellegante. It takes about twice as long to sew out a design as it should because it breaks the tread after about every 200 -500 stitches. I’ve spent hundreds of dollars (including 400 to Babylock) trying to keep it running. It’s a joke but I don’t know what to do. These machines are not cheap. Has anybody had any experience with the 6 or 8 needle embroidery only machines? Are they as finicky as these sewing/embroidery machines?

Rating: 4 Stars pammammo

I too, like snowcaps, had my first Ellegante in the shop often in the 2 years that I had bought it - I did get a good price buying it only 4 mos old - now I know why! It even was shipped back to Babylock! They have no “lemon” laws for their sewing machines so I was stuck with it!
Then, I used another dealer closer to home, and traded it in - for at first a Bernina - sent that back and then another Ellegante 2. This one is a dream!!! Does everything it’s supposed to do! I have now almost 7 million stitches on it (after 2 years) and just bring it in for it’s annual check up. For what you get with it compared to others, if you don’t get a “lemon” it’s a wonderful machine!

Rating: 4 Stars knit4life

I love my machine but my auto threader seems to work when it wants to, now it is getting worse about being temperamental. I am having a problem manually threading it too. I just want to embroider!

Rating: 5 Stars Jessie

I’ve used Babylock/Brother embroidery machines for the last 10 years, starting out with the little 4×4 Brother machine, followed by the Ellegeo, and have been using the Ellegante for the last 4 years. I loved my Ellegeo and now I love my Ellegante. I’ve been spoiled by Babylock/Brother — AND by the dealership which services my machines. Both the Ellegeo and the Ellegante are joys to use. I’m sure I’d love the Ellisimo also, and will upgrade one of these days.

Embroidery machines are very complex. Regardless of the brand, it is essential that it be cleaned and serviced by a knowledgable repairman periodically.

Rating: 5 Stars Goosepoint

I bought mine Ellegante2 in Dec 08. It was used but I got a great deal on ebay. I was new to embroidery and I never took a class. I work on it all the time (embroidery) and have not had one problem yet. Run good thread, keep it clean and make sure that you always thread it right. Using the right stablizer is super important. There is not one negative thing I can say about this beautiful machine.

Rating: 5 Stars Pat

I previously owned a Janome 9000, turned it in on a Baby Lock Ellegante, got it used, with upgrade on it. Previous owner had only a few stitches on it. I love it. The large embroidery field, the self thread of the needle. I read where others had trouble with their machine. I have no trouble, The embroidery is beautiful It sews like a charm. I have been sewing for 64 years so have a bit of experience. I highly recommend this machine. I do think others try to get by with cheap needles and thread. Get good grade needles and thread see if that makes a difference.

Rating: 1 Star Amy

I previously had another BabyLock and upgraded to the Ellegante. I have been so unhappy with this machine for embroidery. It has been in the shop more often than using. It constantly breaks the threads, the bobbin case is always jamming. I can’t seem to get through one darn embroidery design without a problem. Do not buy you will be disappointed.

Rating: 3 Stars hollyjune

This is a nice machine when it runs properly; but it’s been in and out of the shop with embroidery registration problems, needle threader not working (no matter what size needle), bobbin case and knife just replaced. I’ve had it approximately 19 months.
I like its embroidery field; but was very disappointed that the Nancy Zieman embroidery included is not editable so if there’s a part you want to leave out, you can’t do that.

Rating: 5 Stars donnam

I had my Ellegante for 3 yrs now, and love it. It has been such a joy to embroidery on and sew. I did do both upgrades on this one. I love the pivot feature.

To Nancy, I had a problem with the tension and my tech fixed it. It also can be set by the tech with the thread you use. Ask your tech about this, mine told me this.

Rating: 4 Stars Nancy

I’m still not sure. Every time I take a lesson where I bought it all is goreous. I go home and use it and it is a disaster most of the time. The bobbin keeps coming undone and white stitches appear on top. It is VERY
thread sensitive and the top thread constantly breaks and it is high-quality thread. I hope I figure out why my machine is “moodly” at home.

Rating: 1 Star snowcaps

I am sorry to say that I bought a brand new Elegante in 2006. The machine has been in the shop as much as it has been out. The service I receive from the dealer is beyond revolting!!! I have called Babylock twice and I don’t get any satisfaction from them either. Guess what, it is back in shop again, has been there a week already. I hope to at least keep one person from making the mistake of buying a Babylock machine, they do not stand behind their product at all!!! I too, told them I wanted a new machine 2 years ago, they just laughed.

Rating: 5 Stars Gree

I just love this machine. The large touch screen and the ease of use…WOW! The automatic threader is wonderful! It cuts jump stitches! It remembers where you are in your design when you turn the machine off and back on! And the speed of the processor is fabulous! I really like EVERYTHING about it!

Rating: 5 Stars Fran Juern

This is my fourth Babylock machine and I also have an Imagine serger. I find it to be the easiest machine of all I’ve used in the past or have looked at. My last one is the Elegante and I love it. Would love to look at the new one coming out but my purse strings are tied and the last one I got is not a year old yet.

Rating: 5 Stars Barbi

This is the most expensive machine I’ve ever bought - 4500 usd. I owned a singer sewing/embroidery combo machine prior and I must say the ellegante has blown it out of the water in terms of features, performance, ease of use, everything really. I sold the singer to help pay for this fabulous machine.

Some of what attracted me to the blg other than the great dealership and their free classes include: very generous colored lcd screen which contains lots of helpful info, automatic threading, automatic trimming of jump stitches, very large embroidery field, and ease of transferring designs through card or usb. It’s the way all the features come together that makes it an outstanding machine in my opinion.