Baby Lock Ellageo 3 (ESG3)

Average Rating: 3.0 out of 5
Number of Reviews: 3
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• Negative: 1
Rating: 1 Star Bj

I’ve had this machine for a long time and it has always broken the thread and the needle it was serviced a lot! And still went right back to breaking, until one it broke one needle right after the other and took it in for service and they told me the machine was no longer any good because the needle holder was broke and they no longer have the part! So this machine is older but has only about 20 or do hrs. On it!

Rating: 4 Stars Bridget

It’s not really a big deal but I wish replacing the bobbin did not involve removing the hoop. It’s annoying when embroidering large fabrics. I avoid it by placing a full bobbin to lessen the chance of it running out. Again, it’s not a big deal. I don’t think people embroider elaborate centerpieces on tablecloths like I do day to day. Other than that, everything else is fine. This is my first embroidery / sewing machine ever. I think I’ve just about outgrown it and hopefully I’ll be able to upgrade soon.

Rating: 4 Stars TanyaS

Love the large colored touch screen which shows estimated embroidery time and stitch count. Very easy to use and makes great quality stitches. Goes up to 800 stitches per minute. Comes with medium, large, and extra large hoops. It also comes with a nice carrying case. I’ve had issues with bulky materials that can be solved by reducing the speed. Sideways stitches makes an unpleasant sound for some reason. Bobbin winder could be improved.