Baby Lock Ellure Plus (BLR2)

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Number of Reviews: 7
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Rating: 5 Stars Marn

Do not understand and do not have any experience . I did not know how much had to be learned. I bought more than I know about.

Rating: 5 Stars vickie

I have 2 brother embroidery / sewing machines and I just got my Ellure plus in November 2014, I love it… I bought it used and took it to get it serviced and the guy that fixed it was great he told me how to take the thread out so it wouldn’t get tangled up in the tension and showed me all kinds of things….

Rating: 5 Stars Frankie

My 1st embroidery machine…I am now addicted. I will probably upgrade as I get better to get a larger field; but right now…..LOVE it!

Rating: 5 Stars dskemp

I just got this machine, and so far it is amazing. The overall instructions are easy to understand, and the stiches turn out beautiful. So far I love it!!

Rating: 5 Stars love it

I love this machine. I had a Sofia and upgraded in two months to the Ellure Plus. The manuel is very user friendly and I have been able to answer all questions. You will really enjoy this machine

Rating: 5 Stars Janiemae

I’ve had this machine for a week and I love it! Easy to use, after you learn it! It’s a lot to learn, but the stitching is beautiful! Excellent machine!

Rating: 5 Stars new_to_emb

This is my very first embroidery machine! I had to take classes to get all sorted out. Getting started in this amazing craft was not as hard as I thought. I got everything running smoothly just after a couple of days. The manual is great, but I would rather have someone teach me instead. I just work better that way. It embroiders really fast and is not loud. I think the maximum embroider speed is 650 spm. It comes with pre-installed designs and fonts and allows for editing on the built-in display screen. It can cut thread automatically and threading is a cinch. A hard cover is included with the purchase. Overall a great machine.