Pfaff Creative Coverlock 4874

Average Rating: 3.5 out of 5
Number of Reviews: 2
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Rating: 3 Stars JR

Stina is right, this machine is not for the beginner or non-tech savvy. A smooth talking salesman sold it to me-took a couple lessons from employees who knew less than me & I never used it again. It’s probably a good machine, but I’ll never know. To think I can build a computer, wire a house, but I gave up on this machine.

Rating: 4 Stars STINA

i’m a beginner when it comes to serging and with that said, this serger is not for beginners a all. i think i got in way over my head with this one. not to mention it cost me an arm and a leg at $2,000. i wish the sales person would have been more honest and recommended something more suitable to my skill level and i wish i wasn’t such and impulse buyer. anyways, it comes with free classes and the instructor is very friendly so i’m sure i’ll get over it. in a way it’s nice because it will push me and i’ll become better at serging, finally. one of the things i like about this serger is the very helpful screen. when you choose a stitch, it displays information on needle and knife position. it displays stitch length, tension, and differential feed settings.