Pfaff Coverlock 4852

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Rating: 3 Stars Debbie

I purchased a well used Pfaff 4852 coverlock machine about three years ago. I did not know anything about serging. It took a long time to figure out how to thread the machine and make it work but that was mostly me and no direction. I find it is too much work to covert to the cover stitch so I bought a Juki cover stitch machine. When the 4852 works it is a good machine, and I never know if it is going to stitch well or not. Every time I moved it, it had to be rethreaded. Now I have a dedicated sewing room which has helped. Still, I will be sewing along, start a new seam, and suddenly it is not working. I have to rethread the whole thing again. I am thinking about replacing it.

Rating: 5 Stars Allie

I’ve had my 4852 for 11 years. Great machine and will do a lot of things even tho I use it basically for the cover stitch, as I have another Pfaff serger for regular serging. My BIG problem is I never know when it will stitch correctly. I have threaded and rethreaded it so many times, I can do it with my eyes closed! I know it has a thread sequence that must be followed exactly and I do this, but for some reason it either will not do the correct stitch connection or so many times it will sew just an inch or so and the left needle thread breaks. I have adjusted the left needle tension and it works fine for a few times then it right back with the same problems.
Is there any help for this machine or me??? I’m getting very frustrated.
Thanks in advance for any help that can be given.
My local dealer recently passed on and I’m 100 miles from the nearest dealer.

Rating: 5 Stars teaches2nd

I have had my 4852 for about seven years. I love it! It is a real workhorse. It is a little difficult to learn to thread but well worth the time to learn to use it.

Rating: 5 Stars saba m

I was looking at Huskylocks at a dealer and was impressed. Later that day I saw an ad on the papers for a slightly used coverlock 4852 at a great price! I did some research and found the list price for the 4852 to be approx 1000 plus and got it for just 300. The pfaff 4852 is not computerized; it is a basic serger that gets the job done - 5 thread serger with a cover stitch It’s easy to thread and tensions are easy to set. Very happy with the serger and even more happy with the price!