Elna Xquisit II 9020

Average Rating: 3.7 out of 5
Number of Reviews: 14
• Positve: 11
• Negative: 4
Rating: 5 Stars Sharon

I love my machine never had a problem I purchased a new laptop and loaded my software this laptop is only used for my embroidery so hopefully won’t have any issues with software oh I have had my machine along time probably around 8 years or more
It is the only machine that loves metallic thread don’t have to adjust or change anything on it.

Rating: 5 Stars Sharon

I love my Elna especially for use with my metallic thread for free standing lace designs I have brother and Babylock machines will not part with my Elna xquisit

Rating: 3 Stars Jan

This question is for Karen it seems my Elna 9020 embroidery attachment has also gone out of alignment what was your fix?
thank you

Rating: 5 Stars Angelique

I just got a Elna xquisit II 9020 a week ago. I could not get the auto threading to work so I did it manually it seems great.Can anybody tell me when the 9020 was first released I am wondering how old my machine is it’s just a dream it came with it’s own luggage how sweet. Thanks for letting me blab God Bless.

Rating: 3 Stars karen

I loved mine until the embroidery attachment went out of alinement. As for the software I use Embird its an on line site that matches all machines and it dose not cost an arm and a leg.

Rating: 1 Star Ronel

I’m so disappointed in Elna with my Xpressive II software that you only get 2 serial numbers .. I struggle to get another serial number out of Elna Australia … they are the worst company that i know of … for more than 30yrs i had only Elna machines.. i wont recommend them to anybody!!!!

Rating: 5 Stars Susca

I have exatly the same problem with my Elna as Sandra!!!!!! It totally suck. For you ladies out there…. Stay away from Elna as far as possible! The machines are great, but I can’t say as much for the company. Very dissapointed!!!!!!!!

Rating: 5 Stars beth

I love this machine. I have had it since 2007 when I got it on sale when it was being discontinued at Elna. It is a wonderful machine. As per the above reviews, you can still get an upgrade for Xpressive II software on the USA elna website and it does accommodate windows 7 and VIsta. This machine has never failed me in the embroidery side of things. I also quilt on it and it has never let me down. I would not know what to do without it. I even bought the dream world extension table for it and it is great for quilting and other projects. I even made a sewing machine cover for it with the machine. It is a crazy quilt machine cover with bright and cheery colors.

Rating: 5 Stars Sandy

I bought this machine in 2007 and have little to no problems with it. I have sew everything from wedding gowns to re-enactment costumes, quilts, purses, jackets, baby clothes to a number of decorator items. Occasionally the built in self threader acts up if the thread weight is to heavy for the needle type. As an embroidery machine I can do almost anything on any type of stabilizer or fabric. I believe it has run every design no matter what type. jef. pes. sew etc… The design possibilities are endless. I have had no issues to complain about. The sewing control is great! I have for the past two years been unable to push on the presser foot and to be able to disconnect it and sew without it, that is a life saver for me. The only complaint is the weight of the machine without the embroidery unit as I do a lot of traveling with my machine, however if that is the only issue I have I will not complain because is sews like a dream and I wouldn’t trade is for any other machine out there. Thank you for such a wonderful product!

Rating: 1 Star Debbie

I thoroughly agree with Sandra - I loved my Elna and was a total Elna fan with 4 Elna machines until my computer crashed and I needed to load my Xpressive version 1.06 onto the new computer. Elna was no help and I solved the problem myself. Now I also have a new laptop and cannot get Xpressive to work. In the meantime, I bought the Bernina Artista 730 and I love it as I find it so much easier to download the designs and the programme easy plus you can download the programme on as many computers as you like. It looks like I will have to also buy the new version of software in order to get my Elna working again and yet when I originally bought the machine, Elna proudly told us that you would get upgrades!

Rating: 1 Star Sandra

I love my machine but was told by Elna that the Xpressive ver 1.06 does not install on Windows 7. They have no patch for it and neither do they have an upgrade and suggested I purchase the latest software again. I dont want the latests software and neither do I want to downgrade my new 64 bit laptop to Windows 95. I have been in contact with Geneva- USA and South Africa and all I get is “sorry for the bad news”.
I think Elna software support sucks!!!!!! Elna software can only install 3 times before you have to purchase the same software again. The fact that you may decide like me to purchase a new laptop every 2 years may cost you a lot more than you think.

Rating: 1 Star Hiedi

This is the worst machine I have every worked on. I have been sewing professionaly for 10+ years. My Mother bought this machine for home use and I was of course recruted to help get her going. If you have an computer engineering degree this is the machine for you. The top threading feature only works 10% of the time most of the time I end up threading it manually. The only thing worse than that is the bottom bobbin winding assembly. It winds about 3 yards(poorly) on a bobbin that then proceeds to jam up the lower thread. You know just what you want to deal with when trying to do a large embroidery project. Don’t even think about trying to use it for regular sewing, I just attemped to satin stich around an applique. Any of my other machines and I would have been done in 15 minutes, it took me over an hour on this machine. I am so unimpressed with this machine it’s not even funny. My Mother is unable to even use it without me there to help.

Rating: 5 Stars Laura

I’ve been using my Elna Xquisit II since 2003. It’s the most fabulous machine. I’ve never had any trouble mechanically with it. I utlize the Xpressive II software It too, is wonderful. I sew continuously and embroider even more. I recommend this highly.

I was a hand embroiderer. This machine came with private lessons from the distributor. It was easy to learn and it contains so many functions, I still don’t think I’ve used them all! I can use virtually any type of pattern (.xxx, ,jef, .pes, .sew, etc). I have no limits. My husband bought me this machine for $6000 and it is worth every penny. He’s offered to buy me a new machine, such as Bernina, but I always turn him down. You can’t tear me away from my Elna. :)

Rating: 5 Stars Candice

The salesperson said this model was being discontinued hence the bargain price of $1,900. And it still came with extras like the Xpressive II digitizing software worth over $1,000 alone! I thought it was just sales talk so when I came home I gave Elna a ring and she was right!!! The original price for this machine is a couple of thousands more! So I dragged my hubby to the store and, yep, we bought it right there.

It has served me very well and I couldn’t be happier. I’ve had little problems now and then but they’re usually my fault. Some things I really adore about this machine is it’s ability to self thread, auto refill bobbin without taking of the hoop, large display screen in color and its brightness is adjustable, and of course the large embroidery area.