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Singer Quantum XL-6000 Reviews

Singer Quantum XL-6000

Average Rating: 3.7 out of 5
Number of Reviews: 24
• Positve: 23
• Negative: 5
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Rating: 1 Star Betty

I can’t get the computer to transfer patterns it just won’t do it I habaave windows xl it sews beauty full but forget the embrodery

Rating: 3 Stars Betty sleeter

I rate the machine bad when it comes to transferring patterns from the computer to sewing machine it will not do it

Rating: 5 Stars Barb

I have had the Singer xl 6ooo for sometime. I have been reading the reviews . The 6000 has been a good machine for me. Although I have done little embroidery for a while. The machine does hook up to the computer. I also can use a couple of different formats for embroidery. I have an endless supply of embroidery designs. the manual is the worse. Love the endless bobbin and self threading. Also it can be set up useing two thread to embroidery with (I never used it. I also have the hoop for doing border designs. I cannot say enough about the 6000 , At the time this machine came out it was ahead of it time. There is a learning curve as with any machine. For me the psw software was hard for me to learn to digitize my own designs . but I never want to do that . I have connect my computer the 6000. The singer did have card with designs to purchase. There is more to say . I had a couple of lesson but mostly learn on my own. I do mostly garment sewing now and some home dec,

Rating: 3 Stars robo

I think all these dealers that promised lessons don’t know the first thing about the machine. Its all about profit and no customer satisfaction. They really need to come to the fact that sewing machine are getting more and more complex. Soon you will have to take college classes to operate one. Everyone owes to themselves to keep an old good working mechanical machine as a spare. You never know when the computer in your new machine may stop working Basically rendering the machine useless….

Rating: 3 Stars Robo

The singer xl6000 were made by Juki. Its the same machine as the Elna Exquist. It has Juki parts inside and is very well built. The machine does what its suppose to do understanding how to use the machine is another issue. It has too many features. The Elna manual for the machine is a little bit more useful in trying to understand the functions. I would have like to see some useful youtube videos. If you understand how the machine works its a dream.

Rating: 1 Star Bebadean

I would NEVER recommend this machine.
I too bought my machine from a local dealer who promised lessons. The person who was supposed to teach me had health issues and wasn’t there when I went. I drove 35-40 minutes to get there. She said she called to let me know she wouldn’t be there. When I got home her message was 10 minutes before my appointment. She knew my address and should have know that at that time I was already gone.
When I complained about not getting the lessons they were rude. The owner pretty much said “you go it, it’s yours. Don’t bother coming back.”
It makes me sick to think of how much I paid for a machine that should embroider and isn’t even a good sewing machine. I won’t sew over a thick seam and struggles to feed at the start of a seam. The button hole maker has already stopped working. How could you sell a machine that wouldn’t hook up to a modern computer and not reveal that fact??? I could go on and on.
Can anyone tell me when this machine was made?

Rating: 5 Stars Armine

I really would like to know when the Singer Quantum 6000 was made……I have one and like it OK, but have a problem with the limited embroidery design selection..and the problem getting designs converted..

Rating: 5 Stars AKB

Love this machine. The manual isn’t written very well, but you can figure it out, this is not a machine for beginners. Sews and embroideries beautiful. It is picky and you will do things “it’s” way, but it is so worth it. Wish Singer still made this machine.

Rating: 5 Stars Fly

I love my XL6000 and I hope all of you still have yours and have found the yahoo group that offers endless help with this machine.

Rating: 3 Stars Ed

I made a very huge mistake uprgrading from my XL 1000 to the XL 6000. Dont even ask me why I did because I cant even remember. I remember the XL 1000 was very user friendly. This machine isn’t, you are all correct, the instruction manual stinks. This machine pretty much was obsolete when I bought it. Smart cards are no longer available. I was fortunate enough to inherit an old computer with a serial port and windows xp in order to use this machine. It really is horrible. Embroidery wise it is great and you have to be a rocket scientist to figure out how to use the endless bobbin. I cant even find another medium hoop for this machine anywhere. I really feel I am stuck with it and I wouldnt even consider selling it because I would practically have to give it away. I am seriously considering purchasing a Brother 770 Embroidery only machine . It has great reviews, a usb port and it appears to be very user friendly. I am so sorry I got rid of my XL 1000, very huge mistake on my part

Rating: 5 Stars Ann Simon

I got this machine when Singer first put it on the market. I love everything about it, mostly the endless bobbin while doing embroidery. The fully automatic needle threader is awesome, when your eyes get older this a wonderful thing to have.

Rating: 5 Stars Mo

I received this machine recently and agree the manual could be better, but the DVD is very good. This machine is wonderful. It took some time to get the hang of the unending bobbin as well as the thread exchanger but once mastered, I love it and am so happy to have this machine. Also, there are support groups on that are very helpful. This is not my first embroidery machine and I can sympathize with someone that might be starting off with this and no support from a local shop.

Rating: 5 Stars trish

Love this machine - I bought it on the Internet and then downloaded the more complete manual off the Singer website. Also picked up a couple of cd’s from a sewing website/ It stitches beautifully, and there is no end to what I can do by downloading designs off the Internet into PSW converter - then on to machine. I bought extra media cards off eBay too. I have had the machine for three years now and never had a problem. I have been sewing for 30 years but this was the first embroidery machine I tried - love it!

Rating: 5 Stars KimberlyRae

I have had my Singer Q xL 6000 for nearly 5yrs now and it’s served me very well!! My endless bobbin went out [don’t use it anyway..right now so I will take it in later] and I can’t seem to find a Patch to get it to work with vista..I’m still looking and using my XP desktop in the meantime. BUT everything else on the machine is wonderful! The Embroidery is Great and Beautiful. I love ALL the accessories that come with it and additional accessories espeically the Ruffler [I would be lost without mine]. Quilting is EASY and FAST!! This machine is for the Experienced!! I sew EVERYDAY and LoVe IT!!

Rating: 1 Star RDM

6-6-2010 - I agree with all the negative reviews I have seen, and then some. My dealer shoved this at me two years ago when I took my old Futura in for repair. I was told the accompanying software (at $800 plus) was not totally necessary, that not having it would limit what I could do, but I would still love the machine. Turns out that I am severly limited on what the machine will do without software, so that was maybe not a lie, but a huge non-disclosure. Second, I was offered “a class” on the machine. The teacher suffered a personal tragedy, unfortunately, and was not able to give me a class right away. When I inquired months later for some assistance, I was given that so-called class, rushed and non-informative, and with a very condescending attitude. As a customer, I felt as if I was being treated like a burden. They had my money, why bother any further, right? Third, when I did have to take the machine in for a timing issue, and I expressed my displeasure with it, I was told that I shouldn’t “give up so easily.”That was the final blow. Not only will I never go back to that dealer, I will also never buy any machine without first taking whatever classes are given, second being allowed to “test drive” the machine, and third having some kind of a money back guarantee. I own a variety of machines, been sewing for over 50 years, and am not an idiot by any stretch of the imagination. But this experience has certainly soured me as a consumer in many ways. My old Futura is still my go-to embroidery machine because, despite age and size limits, it is still the best machine I’ve ever had. It is very sad that Singer has deteriorated so much.

Rating: 2 Stars Mimi

I was so excited when I got this machine and took a couple of “free” lessons. When I tried things at home and referred to the so-called manual for help, I hit a brick wall. The manual is awful–it must have been written by someone who is an idiot at explaining things. Even the pictures are bad. I have not tried to download anything to the machine from my computer because I have Vista and I have read that the machine is not compatible with this version of Windows. Not very good for the price I paid for this machine. Overall, it does okay and I have done a good bit of monogramming. But it would have been cheaper for me to take the items to a monogramming shop than to fool with this complicated, poorly explained apparatus that I will never get my money out of. I do not recommend it to anyone.

Rating: 5 Stars Ida

I have had this machine for several years and just love everything about it, with the exception that the book is’nt very user friendly. I bought it online with no help from a dealer and with lots of patience I got it figured out. I love the endless bobbin, sewing options, etc. I wish they did’nt discontinue this line. It probably is’nt for a beginner.

Rating: 1 Star carol

I bought this machine on sale via the enternet, which was my first mistake. The local dealer does not repair computorized machines. So even though it is under waranty I had to pay $100.00 in shipping round trip to a dealer who is qualified to repair it, and getting the arrangements for the repairs were difficult. Singer Co. do not answer their phones! Once it was “repaired” it worked for about 3 days and then again it would not pick up the bobbin thread. Not only can I not use it for embroidery, but I can not even sew a striaght line with it. I can not afford to pay a $100.00 dollars every three days to ship it for repairs. I has sat unused for six months and it is heart breaking to see just sitting there. Since it will not work even for basic sewing I can not even unload it for a fraction of what was paid for it. Finally how can a machine that is advanced as this not even use a USB cable, but requires a special and old fashion scew in cable!

Rating: 4 Stars DI

I agree that the price of this machine there should be a better and more detailed manual and a DVD should be included. Also I have vista now and it has been terrible to try and make this machine recongnize the computer. Have contacted singer many times and there is no updates available to correct this problem. Also I was under the impression that updates where done by connecting null modem to computer and being able to download like that, no you need to have the psw software program (800.00) to do this or go to a dealer. I like the machine when it is running or sewing correctly to bad singer will not update it for people who have already spent the money. Also I had the problem with the top thread not picking up the bobbin thread, sent to dealer three times because timing was out, I have been using prewound bobbins and they seem to help with this problem.

Rating: 4 Stars chelseadogg

My whole problem with this machine is the fact that it is not Vista compatible. My computer crashed on me after buying this machine and of course they had to come out with a new operating system (Vista) which I hate anyway but I still feel that Singer should be trying harder to keep up with technology if they want people to continue to purchase their products. I also have the Futura ce100 and I went thru hxxx getting that to work with the Vista. After several calls to tech support and having to download patches and other reconstruction I finally have that up and running. I am not a computer guru so this is all very confusing and frustrating not to mention the money (also purchased two different cables thinking that it would help) and time invested. Wake up Singer, this is a good machine but you have to become more computer savy yourselves. Your customers are depending on you. I see that you have now discontinued this machine, is this why. You still owe it to the customers who have purchased it to make it work for us.

Rating: 3 Stars cheryl

I purchased the QuantumXL-6000 last August and still have not yet figured out how to use the embroidery machine. The manual is terrible and I wish someone would help me. I can’t transfer from my computer because I have Vista and it is not compatable. Why would they make a new machine not compatable to Vista Windows. I guess someday I’ll figure out how to use the machine and maybe I’ll be happy. All I want to do is embroider fish on shirts and I can’t figure it out.

Rating: 3 Stars di

I am very disappointed in this machine, for the cost the manual is terrible, I am having so much trouble with the bobbin thread and have had to have the machine in a few times because the top thread would not catch the bobbin thread. Very discouraging especially for the price. I guess I am just stuck with it because of I will never get the cost back out of it.

Rating: 3 Stars LD

I can hardly rate this machine since I’m so confused how to work it, I can puchase DVD’s with instructions from Sewing stores, but with the high cost of this machine, why is it not included. the manual is hardly enough information!

Rating: 3 Stars Pacquita54

This is a very costly sewing/embroidery combo; too bad the manual is not well done. I’m sorry but for $3,000 I expect good documentation. It’s a good thing my dealer offered free classes otherwise I would of looked at other brands. Another thing, this machine is kind of picky on how things are done. It’s easy to get a thread jam! So practice on scraps first!

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