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Pfaff Creative 2170 Reviews

Pfaff Creative 2170

Average Rating: 3.1 out of 5
Number of Reviews: 8
• Positve: 5
• Negative: 4
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Rating: 2 Stars Marn

I have always been a Pfaff lover starting with my first one which was the 1222E. It is a mechanical machine that still works well but there are no parts available to fix it if something goes wrong. I have bought four more Pfaffs with the latest being the Pfaff 2170. I bought it when my Pfaff 7570 motherboard died for the SECOND time. It seems parts for a TOL machine are only available for about 10 years or until the next TOL comes out. Is the plan to force sewers to buy a new machine every 10 years? I was told having three machines with the mother boards failing was highly unusual and I must just be a very unlucky person. It may be true as I have 2 cousins and one friend still using their Pfaff 7570 without ever having them die. The reason I bought the Pfaff 2170 was because it would still use the 7570 embroidery cards of which I have many as well as all the hoops, feet and other special attachment I bought for it. I have spent a lot of money on extras for the 2170 but will never be able to use them without the machine. My dealer has suggested I switch to a Brother machine but I do not want to buy any more sewing machines. I have some old mechanical machines including my original Pfaff 1222E that will allow me to quilt so I will use them until they give up and cannot be repaired due to parts no longer being available. It has been very disappointing to buy a new Pfaff and get to really like it and then to have it become a boat anchor due to parts no longer available.

Rating: 3 Stars senormechanico

I repair sewing machines and sergers for a living and have 30 years previous professional electronic repair background.

These machines are nice when they work, but unfortunately when the electronics act up they are a nightmare.

I have heard from several sources the company no longer supports the electronics for repair or replacement.

If you get a Sensor 6 error message, don’t waste your time trying to get it fixed.


Rating: 2 Stars Lavanah

This machine was a waste of money! bought it on sale $5,000.00 the motor has gone out and would have to spend $1500.00 to get new motor running, had it for six years and really never enjoyed it, the embrodedry always problematic, I know not to spend so much money on these expensive machines. Just bought a Singer 9970 for $400.00 and works way better than the Pfaff!

Rating: 5 Stars Nancy

I bought this machine in July 2006 and have never ever had a problem of any kind with it..Still sews and embroideries like a gem that it is..I recently bought the new Creative 4.5 to get a wider sewing area and I love it also..I have had about 5 different Pfaff’s and have never had problems with them..Thanks!

Rating: 4 Stars Tybiemom

Love this machine. Sews and embroiders like a dream. Love the stitch results with a vertical bobbin. My only issue is the card instead of USB port. Sews as good as the day I bought it 5 years go.

Rating: 1 Star Lena thiessen

This machine is nothing but trouble. My screen keeps on freezing, and customer support is not helpful and is just trying to rip us off.

Rating: 1 Star lenazz

i have had two of these the first one was a dud from the off and the second one has even more problems. i wouldn’t have another one if they gave it me for nothing. what a load of rubbish.

Rating: 5 Stars nellymom

This is a reliable machine that I would recommend for both novice and expert alike. I’ve been a Pfaff fan ever since I can remember and I’ve never been disappointed with any of the sewing machines I bought. I haven’t used the ‘Precise Positioning’ feature yet, but I’m looking forward to doing so once I get the confidence! It’s a feature for creating very large designs. For me the only issue I have is that it uses a card reader instead of a USB port. Happy Embroidering!

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