Husqvarna Viking Designer I

Average Rating: 4.0 out of 5
Number of Reviews: 4
• Positve: 3
• Negative: 1
Rating: 1 Star c.m.

I UPGRADED twice to the designer I. I have truely regretted it every since. I had this machine only a year and was in shop five Times For same problem. Broke again after the year. No one would help with it. Sat in closet for four years. Till I found some one willing to help me. They’ve fixed it three more times since then. Currently taken up space in closet collecting dust again.orginally nought this machine so I could be home home and this would supplement my income. Instead Im having to pull doubles at work to pay for this machine. Im in envy those of you got a working machine.

Rating: 5 Stars alainasmom

I purchased my first D1 in 2008. My second one in 2012. Both are used and floppy disk. I love these machines! I haven’t had any problems with either machine. I have one set up for embroidery, the other for regular sewing. My HV Dealer is trying to convince me to purchase a new Diamond. The only advantage I see for the Diamond is the larger hoops for large projects and a larger screen. I mostly embroider for fun. I am a quilter and have a home business as a Longarm Quilter, which keeps me very busy. My HV Dealer did say the D1 floppy is better than the USB. The D1 is an absolute work horse. I have used my machines for some really tough projects with very heavy fabric and they accomplished the job easily. If you are considering purchasing a D1, DO IT! You will not be sorry.

Rating: 5 Stars kaisa

This beauty has a whole lot features I couldn’t write them all. I do embroidery and quilting mostly and less frequently garment sewing. I’ll just mention some of the things I like because listing them would take forever.

The sensor foot system is simply fantastic; a great time saver once learned. It keeps my hands on the fabric where it belongs - pivoting easy as cake! It can also adjust the presser foot pressure depending on fabric thickness - very cool!

Large colored touch screen is a big plus especially for embroidery. All the design info is readily available and you can also do some editing.

Tonnes stitches included. Comes with a mega hoop - 14″ x 6″!

I purchased it originally with a floppy drive, but it’s now been upgraded with USB connectivity for a few hundred dollars.

Simply, this machine is perfect for anyone.

Rating: 5 Stars Balbina

A beautiful, wonderful machine. Very sturdy and creates quality and consistent stitches. I prefer to transfer designs by floppy diskette instead of a card like other machines because it is more convenient. I sew and embroider a lot and this machine does both equally well and converting to each mode is a snap. It’s quite large and heavy but that’s not a big deal.