ClickArt 1.2 Million

Average Rating: 1.3 out of 5
Number of Reviews: 3
• Positve: 0
• Negative: 3
Rating: 1 Star Patty

This would be good for a pre school child but I would never use the graphics in ANYTHING

Rating: 2 Stars Faith

Not very happy with this product at all. I wanted to buy clipart for my home-based business but the contract basically says I cannot use the clipart on stuff that I may sell! To make things worse, refund takes many weeks!

If you want to do make greeting cards and invitations for personal use only, then this product may be of use to you.

Rating: 1 Star Cadee M.

I’m very disappointed with my purchase. I’ve met all the system requirements and still the installation was not successful. I tried at least 5 times installing and uninstalling before I finally tried to contact technical support. They never replied.