Art Explosion 800,000

Average Rating: 4.3 out of 5
Number of Reviews: 3
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Rating: 3 Stars Fred

I’m happy there are a tons of clipart, photos and fonts. However I’m very frustrated there is no useful search function by keyword incorporated in this package. There is a very large book that comes with it but it’s useless for photos. So if you have hours and hours free to manually look for something then fine, but that’s not my cup of tea. I’d rather be designing my websites than looking for hours on end trying to find a photo I can use.

Rating: 5 Stars ax

Holy smokes this is a great deal! I bought mine from eBay at great price. I did some looking around first online and even if I paid the retail price for this huge collection, it would still be so worth it. Prices online were all below a hundred bucks. This comes with an enourmous printed book to help you find what you’re looking for but I prefer to use my PC instead using thumbnail view. Great clipart library indeed.

Rating: 5 Stars Katharyn

I usually hunt for graphics online for doing my websites. I realized, however, that I was spending too much time. Although there are many sites offering free clipart out there, you have take into account the amount of time you spend looking. Afterall, time is money. So I decided to get Art Explosion. It’s now my one stop destination for my web graphics, scrapbooking projects, post cards, and flyers. There are so many categories to choose from. Also, it has photos and fonts too!